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Digitalization of work is today desperate need for every industry as it becomes to find a particular record in a bulk of papers. This is a very true fact as what I observe in government organization, hospital as concern of searching medical record of patient.  All the data is kept as hard copy and in process of verification is so time consuming, each time one need file or case study for examination.

How to solve this problem

Data conversion services can assists to overcome this problem and help in enhancing your human resource to be used for other purpose.

What is this Data Conversion Service?

Data conversion services are set of all data management services like manual data entry, Ocr-scanning, form processing, image editing if needed and conversion of data from any format to client requirement format.

Data Conversion process

  • Usually process begins with Scanning of pages if client sent the hard copy.
  • OCR (optical character recognition).
  • Proofreading
  • Photo Scanning and image editing if needed.
  • Entering Caption and Cross Links in the document.
  • Finalizing Conversion in order to check quality control with client requirement and recommendation
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