Document Management Services

Document management is the process of controlling the flow (capturing, storage & retrieval) of electronic & paper documents in an efficient manner, so that they can be accessed quickly when required. As your business grows it is vital that its related documents also rack up. Here eDataIndia can play a significant role in outsourcing your document management services. We can give you complete visibility to your annals, annual reports, notifications and other important decisions required for administration.

Do You Really Need Document Management Service

The quick access to accurate business documents is one of the most important things you need in order to focus on your core business. By outsourcing document management services you can leverage benefits like flexible search & retrieval, controlled document sharing, more security, no fear of losing documents, disaster recovery, improved internal operations, improved customer service & hence customer satisfaction. And this what the ultimate goal of any business. So, do you really need document management? The answer is obvious, Yes!

What does eDataIndia Offer

eDataIndia offers dedicated & tested solutions to manage your documents. The documents are managed in a fixed & unique flow which are according to the eDataIndia’s quality standards. And there is no chance to skip any step, because we know that how important it is for your business growth. The controlled flow of the documents includes following steps:

  • Capturing & Storage
  • Retrieval & Processing of Document
  • Printing with Latest Technology
  • Dedicated Routing
  • Successful Distribution

Additional Benefits of our Document Management Service

  • Customized document management services for each & every business
  • Cost effective outsourcing with 65% to 75% saving
  • Free trial of 7-8 hours to new clients
  • Intelligent scanning and skilled incumbents
  • Data security at both physical & virtual level
  • A number of latest document management techniques
  • Round the clock customer service & punctual deliveries

Why Hiring eDataIndia for your Document Management Service is a Better Choice?

Hiring eDataIndia doesn’t only mean hiring a bunch of document management professionals. It means a lot more than that. We at eDataIndia, are about 100 passionate experts who love to spend a good amount of time thinking how can we help companies grow. Over last 7 years we have had 1500+ successes and we actually count ourselves as document management experts. Read what our happy clients have to say about our services.

Industries We Serve

We have served a number of enterprise customers covering all industries of almost all sizes including Web Designing, Finance, Insurance, Consulting, Automotive, Medical, Online Stores, Photographers, Freelancers, Real Estate, Publishing, Plumbing, Sports and a lot more!

Is Outsourcing Document Management Services to eDataIndia Cost Effective?
Pricing is always a vital & deciding factor of any project and while keeping the focus on quality, we care about the costs too. Being an outsourcing firm, we can work in a cost effective way which is otherwise not possible in-house. Our whole attention revolves around completing high quality task at an affordable cost. You will be able to get the cost reduced by 65% to 75% depending on you project size & complexity. Furthermore, eDataIndia offers weekly & monthly discounts for its customers. What to know the exact quote for your custom project? Get in touch via email

Way Out for Outsourcing Document Management Services to eDataIndia

Just tell us about your need of document management services, sit back, relax and watch us implementing our best practices in order to boost your company’s efficiency. Why not talk to  our team today via quick form or Email us to find out more! Too busy to write a message? Call us right away on +91-11-27569422.