Form Processing Services

Form processing is the process of capturing information entered on a paper form and converting it into a digital format. In short, it is the procedure of taking your form, scanning it and entering it into an electronic database. We, at eDataIndia, are capable to do this both manually as well as using automated tools. And this is how we deliver accurate form processing services on our clients’ expectations.

Why You Need Form Processing Services 

Every business necessarily have to deal with various types of forms such as invoices, vouchers, coupons, insurance & medical claims, financial & legal documents and a lot more. It really becomes tedious & time consuming, when information listed on hard copy and continually being asked for references. This is where form processing task comes into play in order to convert all your hard copies into digital format so that overall cross references can be extracted on your executives laptops with all brief snippets and annals. Whole of this process requires time, efforts and cost which can be utilized by outsourcing form processing services to eDataIndia.

eDataIndia’s Form Processing Services 

An experienced & qualified team, at eDataIndia, is always ready to apply a professional approach exclusively to each & every project. We have caliber to tackle both structural (well formatted forms, such as coupons) and non-structural (unformatted forms, such as survey forms) variants of forms processing accurately and rapidly. All this can be done manually as well as automatically by our expert hands. We have specific solutions for all spears of businesses and some of them are:

  • Stock orders and; consumer requirement processing
  • Utility Bills Processing
  • Product Registrations
  • Questionnaire / Poll Rating
  • Real Estate industry / Mortgage / Brokerage and other Financial Services Processing
  • Contact Forms Processing
  • Coupon systems and Discount Form Processing
  • Medical transcription services & Insurance processing

Benefits that you can foresee with eDataIndia

  • Save up to 65% to 75% by outsourcing your form processing work to us
  • Get your form processed rapidly & accurately
  • Security & non-disclosure assurance
  • Receive information in manageable & attainable format
  • Timely deliveries
  • Technical support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Why Should You Hire us for Form Processing Services

Since 2006, eDataIndia has been providing reputable data processing services, including form processing. All credit goes to our passionate yet professional experts providing exceptional form processing services at affordable rates. More than 7 years of experience, successful deliveries of 1500+ tasks, dedicated teams of around 100 professionals, happy & satisfied clients are some of the many reasons that make us stand in the front row with top form processing companies of India and all over the world.

Countries We Serve

eDataIndia is well known for its outstanding worldwide data services. Apart from India, we serve many reputed international customers from various countries including USA, Canada, Australia & more.

Cost of Outsourcing Form Processing Services to eDataIndia

Outsource your form processing services to eDataIndia and reduce costs by 65% to 75% with no quality compromise. We offer discounts on hourly, weekly & monthly bases. And discounts can go up to 20% to 25% depending on the complexity & volume of the project. Have a look at our pricing page for a better idea. Do get in touch with us via email for exact quote.

What are the other similar services that we offer


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