Importance of Accessibility of the Website

By Nisha Rani

While designing a new website, the primary aim to the owner is to the rank in major search engines. So as from designing point of view, what is required here; is fast loading time with some decent graphic. I mean graphic should not trouble in loading time.

As to the content, it should be free from grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, generally online communities are always in haste, they don’t capture appropriate information; they take no time in switching your website, so you have to sustain them on website with proper acknowledgement to related information and it is where accessibility comes in. Accessibility is primary structure of your website so you have to make sure that you are doing right things in right order.

In quick view, when you are designing a website, it should be balanced between creativity and technical aspects, it requires good time and efforts on your part or from some professional service provider then also you have to put basic theme in mind because professionals do just as what their clientele ask them.

So whatever you are offering it should be accessible to user’s and for search engines sot that search engines can re-crawl them. You have to be make sure that “you don’t make dump mistakes, which usually happens while designing”, they can harm your overall SEO efforts, it really irritating to watch, so these links are 404, 500 errors, 301, duplicate content, missing title, thin content. There is not much material on the pages to search engines to grab on to or may be the users.

If you are already facing some the above errors like 404 then you can grab them using Google Webmaster Tool. It completely free of cost, while there are some others furnishing insight details but they are premium version. Well people consider Google Webmaster Tool a most trusted source and so to me.

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