Outsourcing Your Data Service: 10+ Aspects You Need To Look

Data Service is a broad term which covers various types of services related to any kind of data. It could be its management, its entry, its processing or any other thing, but there are many aspects that you may miss during outsourcing your whole data service to an outsourcing data company, you can get to know to these aspects by outsourcing your service to eDataIndia and all those aspects are given below:

  • Data Entry: The process of entering data into a computerized database or spreadsheet or excel is called data entry service. This is used to keep the record of data for future use.
  • Data Mining: The process in which a data set has been analyzed and the data and information has been extracted and transform that one into a meaningful structure.
  • Data Capture: In the process of data capture the data and information has been assembled to create insight demographics for the future.
  • Data Processing: In this process the data and information has been collected and manipulated to form a meaningful information.
  • Data Conversion: The process of converting one data format into an other well known data format is known as data conversion.
  • Form Processing: The process of capturing any information on paper to convert it into digital form is called form processing service, in simple words the scanning of a form and its conversion into electronic database.
  • Image Data Entry: Just like data entry services the entry of images and its corresponding data into a computerized database is called image data entry.
  • Remote Data Entry: This is the process where a computerized system has been designed in such a manner so that it can collect data in electronic format, from a remote place.
  • Textual Data Entry: This is a subset of data entry service where the operator transcripts the data directly from the given source.
  • Document Management: The process of controlling the flow (capturing, storage and retrieval) of electronic and paper documents in an efficient manner, so that they can be accessed any time in future for further use.
  • Spreadsheet Data Entry: The entry of data has to be done in a spreadsheet, this type of data entry is known as spreadsheet data entry.
  • Data Cleansing and Enrichment: Under this process the final step of any data service the data that has been managed has been re checked so that if any scope of improvement is left then it has been improved.

This is a whole package of data services which include all these services and they are very essential for any firm who are looking to outsource their data services, eDataIndia is one of the quality data services provider company.

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