5 Genuine Tips to Boost your Sales on Amazon and Maximize Your Profit

While working with numerous customers, we have seen a range of ideas that boost sales on Amazon – a few works and some don’t. So we have listed some of the best ones that can help your sales on Amazon:

High-Quality Product Images

Pictures are essential for driving sales as buyers need to know what they are buying. Preferably, pictures ought to be over 1000X1000 pixels with a white background, and the whole product should be clearly visible and should take up about 80% of the space. Pictures must not include borders, watermarks, URLs, seller logos or other text.

Create Unique Product Descriptions

Customers are searching for your product with a different requirement, so the more concise you are in your descriptions the better it is for your customer to pick your product. Excessive information too drives your customer away from your page so product description ought to be less than 200 words roughly. What’s more, limited HTML formatting is permitted.

You can also write up to five bullet points. These should include details that your product has, so use bullet points to only features with the broadest appeal.

Improve The SEO Of Your Amazon Seller Account

Just like the seller rating and cost, Amazon additionally considers the keywords in the product’s title to rank its listings. The keyword usage strategies on Amazon work similarly as keyword usage strategies to improve Google rankings.

When it comes to the product title, you have 1000 characters limit in each row, in which you must incorporate whatever number keywords as possible to guarantee your product is visible in the search results. Amazon recommends including brand name, description, product line, material, size, color and quantity in this field.

Other than the product title, Amazon additionally lets you enter information into a keyword field. It’s important to know that it is useless to incorporate any keywords that you had just utilized in the product title, as Amazon will essentially ignore this. You are permitted five keywords or phrases to be entered here, so use them smartly.

Advertising Your Product that makes Increase Your Sale

In the event that you are simply starting out or looking to get your product as many eyeballs as could possible, try Amazon sponsored products. This empowers your product to be shown underneath search results, in the right-hand segment or on detail pages.

The Market Outside Of Amazon

You can write blogs and articles to achieve this target, you can target your relevant customers via this strategy. Use the power of social media to market as well.

Give Discounts to Your Customer

Discounts play a vital role in increasing sales on Amazon and creating a good relationship between the seller and buyers. Daily offers and big discounts could make your product #1 for your product category. This additionally opens up the opportunity of appearing on the Amazon home page under the “Hot Sales” category, which will generate massive amounts of traffic to your product page.

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