5 Tips to Enhance Image Quality for eCommerce Store

Over the past few years, we have been regularly seeing that how the advancements in every field have made the work processes easy and smooth. Just like that the method of shopping has also changed now with the eCommerce industry which has made shopping easy for the people who love it and also for the people who dislike it due to the crowd as they can now shop anything they want directly from sitting at their home and by staying away from the overcrowded markets and malls. There are eCommerce stores which offer variety of products at one place so that the customers don’t have to visit other eCommerce stores and the market of eCommerce industry is growing faster than ever expected. But have you ever thought what takes to make an eCommerce store successful? The very first thing people notice about and get attracted towards your eCommerce site is your product images, how creative, attractive, approaching they are and that’s why working on the product images matter the most if you’ve an eCommerce store and next thing which matters the most is the presentation of the product that can it really catch the attention of the buyers.

5 tips to enhance image quality

What are the 5 Important Tips for eCommerce Image Editing?

Below in this blog, we have mentioned the 5 tips to enhance eCommerce image editing which you need to focus at if you own an eCommerce store in terms of attracting more and more customers.

  1. Planning: The first step you need to take is to plan & analyze and make sure that which type of image you’re going to choose for your eCommerce store which is relevant to your brand and makes sense with the product you’re offering. Also, ensure that the type of images you’re selecting will be the final images which will showcase on your website and customers will make choice whether to buy the product or not? The image can be a product image or a lifestyle image which totally depends upon you what you think of your target audience that what they would like more. If you’re selling shoes online then the lifestyle image would work more.
  2. Size of the Photo: When you’re selecting the images for your eCommerce website then you must keep in mind that what size and frame of image you’ll showcase on your site which should definitely depend upon the type of product. Providing a zoom sized image provides more clarity, high-resolution images and allows checking the product in detail.
  3. Right Color and Shadow: It is possible that the color customer sees in the product image is not the actual color of the product. Yes! It is because of the uneven lighting and deformity. But here, photo editing can help you in anyway and there’s nothing which photo editing can’ fix. The colors of the image can be brightened by adjusting its hue and contrast. It is also a fact that adding a shadow to the image can increase the quality of the image.
  4. Major Focus on Product in the Image: You must take this into the consideration that your product should occupy the larger space in the image and if the background space is larger than of the product then the customers won’t be able to view the product in the image clearly. So your product should occupy 60-65% space in the image and here resizing the image may help you.

White Background: It is recommended to have a white background in the image because of the fact that whenever a customer sees your product will automatically be able to focus on the product in the image which will ultimately lead to the high chances of sales. Colorful backgrounds have higher chances to distract the focus of the buyer whereas white background avoids the distraction. So this is also a major point to consider while editing a product image for the eCommerce site.

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