5 Ways to Enhance Product Images for Your Flipkart & Amazon Listings

According to the reports, today, more than 3 Lakh small businesses and medium-sized businesses are selling their various products on Amazon and Flipkart, ensuring the best services to their customers and looking at the high demand of e-commerce stores, these sites have more responsibility now in terms of satisfying their customers by not only the product and its availability but also by the other means too.

5 Ways to Enhance Product Images for Your Flipkart & Amazon Listings
In this article we will discuss about the 5 ways to enhance product images for Amazon & Flipkart listings;
Yes, one of the most important components for Amazon and Flipkart listing is the Product imagery. Also ensure that not only the Amazon and Flipkart product images display on the main page of the product, but they are also seen in search results.

1. Fulfill the Technical Image Requirement for Amazon & Flipkart
When you are making up the new product page for Amazon & Flipkart or updating the current product listings, you need to ensure the technical Amazon and Flipkart photo size guidelines are fulfilled and other technical requirements too.

Image Frame- 85% of the frame should be filled by product.
Image Size- The width and height of the Images should be not less than 1000 pixels.
Background Color Combination- White background is must for all the products.
File Format- JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF files are supported.
Mode of Color- Both CMYK and SRGB are agreed.

2. Allot Product Priority on the Product Page
Amazon & Flipkart allows 7-9 images of products to display per page as it gives the different view to the customers to analyze the product very well and understand its quality. Once you the product image is uploaded then the main work is to prioritize and allot that how each image displays on the page. The product images should be arranged in a logical manner on the product page to give the customers a meaningful and approachable pattern of the images.

3. Follow the Standards for High-Quality Images

  • Real Photos- The image must be the real & actual photo. So that the customers do not think that it has been exaggerated and not the real image.
  • Simple- If there’s anything not related to the product in the frame then it may add the risk of distraction to the potential customer. It’s better to remove it from the frame.
  • Quality- The quality of the product should be maintained according to the guidelines. It should be sharp, high-resolution, etc.

4. Take the Entire Frame
It might possible that while focusing on the subject, you may forget about the entire frame. But also taking care of the sides and corners of the product image is very important. Must ensure that you don’t cut the subject edges in the frame and allow the subject take enough space in the frame to create a clear view.

5. Important Information
It is very crucial to display the important information related to the image of the product. For e.g. if the product consists of different parts then must take care of showing those parts along in the images to describe the complete product to the potential customer.

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