6 Salient Advantages of Using OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), in data entry, is the technique in which machines are used to read text from paper or printed material and convert them into digital texts or soft copies. Comparing with manual data entry, OCR gives you huge savings on cost,  labor & time. In addition to the savings, this technique gives you quick & easy access to the required information. You can easily edit & retrieve your data in seconds. So if your company has a lot of vital documents & hard papers, then OCR can be a better option. Read on to know more about the various advantages of using OCR.

One important advantage of OCR is that it is more efficient. OCR helps in increasing efficiency by reducing the time you spend on searching & retrieving information from the documents. With the help of OCR one can easily store, edit & retrieve information in a few clicks.

Usability & Accessibility
OCR converts the data stored on hard copies into electronic or digital format. This leads to increased usability & accessibility of the required information. Furthermore, more than one user can view & access the same document simultaneously, and hence it not required to copy the same document.

Money Saving
OCR helps in cutting costs associated with filing & storage of paper documents, ink used in printing documents, labor used to file or access documents.

Saves Space
Another advantage of OCR is that it helps in saving valuable space by scanning your hard documents and converting them into soft copy. A single compact disk can store more than 15,000 scanned pages. And hence it saves paper.

OCR provides additional security to the information stored in documents. Password protection can applied on scanned documents and hence harmful access can be restricted. User tracking can also be done with the help of OCR.

Extra Edge Over Competitors
Finally, by getting above advantages & benefits from OCR, your business will definitely get an extra edge over your competitors who are still unaware of these benefits. So say goodbye to your problems regarding data entry by adopting OCR.

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