7 Simple Ways to Improve Data Quality in Data Entry

Improve the Data Quality in Date Entry- 7 Easy Tips

We live in an era of data digitization. Therefore, maintaining accuracy in data entry is extremely importance as this information helps businesses in making key decisions. The task of data entry operators is not a simple job as they have to manage huge amount of data on a daily basis in a speedy manner. Hence, the probability of inaccurate entries increases in this challenging task.  However, one of the major causes of data inaccuracy in any organisation is bad quality information entered via data entry interfaces. As you might know, data entry defects lead to a series of other serious problems such as poor decisions.Handling data can easily become a daunting job, so here are some simple, functional and reasonable techniques to impressively improve data quality in data entry:


  1. Understanding the importance of Data

Employees are required to be educated to know the importance of data entering. They must understand how inaccurate data entries can affect the business. It important to take such measures as it would make the employees more accountable and efficient.

  1. Reduce Data redundancy

Data entry is a time consuming job. Therefore, it is crucial that only valuable data information is entered and processed. Keep a check on the relevant data content by periodically reviewing applications, forms, and other data documents. Forms that bring up outdated data ought to be redesigned in order to keep only relevant data. Redundant data has to be removed.

  1. Carry out causal analysis

Identifying the defects is the foremost step towards the process of improvement. Here are the 2 basic techniques that are followed for in-depth error analysis:

  • Error cluster analysis

This approach detects the sources of errors. In this case, the inaccurate data information is analyzed at the source error.

  • Data event analysis

In this approach, events where data is created and altered are studied in depth to detect the root causes of errors.

  1. Set Data entry accuracy goals

It is essential for organizations to set practical data accuracy target to improve precision in data entry. The organization must take active part in developing realistic goals for the data entry team. They should be assessed on the basis of efficient data entry and effective coding.

  1. Software Tools

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and other similar tools can ease the tremendous work pressure of data entry professionals by automatically reading and extracting data information. Lesser typing will lead to fewer mistakes, thus the employees will get more time to analyse the data.

  1. Avoid overloading

It is the responsibility of the management to make sure that the data entry team is not under pressure to accomplish unrealistic goals.  If you overload the data entry professionals, they will become exhausted and the chances of errors in data entry will increase. Efficiently delegate the work among the team for better results.

  1. Review

Reviewing is the most successful method to reduce data entry errors. It is best to create efficient system of review and cross-check the data information, it helps to identify and remove most errors.

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