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Each Entrepreneur search for an Affordable back office support team to carry on his / her work and “we feel delighted to enter that eDataIndia is the cream of crop for all requirement of Data Entry and Data Conversion area”. We own remarkably skilled team who assimilate individual needs and go ahead accordingly to the list project plan for happy outsourcing experience. Moreover the state of art technology ensures that even the larger data is processed within stipulated time and budget.

We received varied data entry project, now we are sharing an assignment where we have to organize require information for client. Here Search means the organized pursuit of information. Somewhere in a collection of documents, web pages, and other sources, there is information that you want to find, but you have no ideas where it is, it was a task of continuous surfing and listing client specified requirement in proper generalization format.

It was a project in which we have to work on an online database in which we get an online form.  In this form we got an author name and a book name written by that respective author.  This author name and his book name is the keyword for us to search about the author personal details which are required in order to fill the form.  Form has some blank spaces and we have to fill all that blank spaces like:

  • Email address
  • LinkedIn ID
  • Face book Profile link
  • Twitter link
  • Living address
  • Phone number
  • State of living Etc…

After filling all above listed we use to click on submit button and then on next button to get another form of another author. This was monotonous job but we populated excel and reach our client perspective in no time.

So the question steps in here “what kind of advantage our client received while outsourcing his assignment to us”. There are numerous advantages which our client received from us.

  • The worker does the task efficiently and worked with stiff concentration to make errorless entries within allotted timeline. Services are delivered with perfection, conveniently and on time. Our services are budget friendly and also designed to be comfortably afforded by small scale and large scale corporate.
  • The company ensures that the time-bound projects are accomplished due to which the use state-of-the-art technologies for best end project. Our service will surly fit your business either it is a one-time need or an ongoing project. Our commitment we’ll providing great outsourcing experience and excellent customer support.
  • Data entry is an essential requirement of all Companies and businesses. Our supports to make data entry in any format or application from all types to input sources like hard copies, scanned images, PDF files just move in very affordable way.

Today, India is the leading destination for data entry services outsourcing. There are virtually innumerable numbers of small and big firms that offer data entry, processing and conversion services. India has been favorable to companies in data entry business because of its low cost accessibility, resources, the technology and the time difference (that exists between US & Europe and India.

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