An Overview of Data Entry

In an earlier article, we press hard on outsourcing data entry services or outsource those who are actually doing data entry business and acting as a beneficiary to various entrepreneurs coming from different sectors of industries and organizations.  Here we will point out “What is this Data Entry” to answer we will start with our own definition, which as follows “Data Entry usually refers to acquiring data from hard copies such as forms, paper documents, photographs, receipts, and microfilms, and converting them to an electronic format”.  It is also called electronic data capture (EDC). Data Entry Process can be done manually through an individual operator or set of operators who add required information by the means of typing, copy pasting, data extracting or refining already entered data. It can also be performed electronically by means of a machine that will add data to the database.

There are many variants of data entry services which include entering Data for an insurance claim, typing legal formalities, Entry of business cards, typing of book pages or images, making Boucher entry of real estate industries or extracting data from client specified source. Variants for these services are numerous come from different industries, educational sectors.  But if we want to count data entry, then it can be differentiated into two major forms – which is as under

  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry

If we consider the workout of data entry services then we have concentrate on business requirements which is tedious and needs a series of question to answer.  We will find that mostly every Business requires differentiating itself from regular market and mostly business owner always looking for some new strategies to make it possible. So how to make it possible, it’s very simple, we have to check out people’s requirement. To check the priority of requirement, one requires analysis and for analysis we need data. So data is important, but how to manage data. Now here data entry requirement comes in. Many people consider data entry a trivial job, but its plays a vital role as it leads us to know requirements.

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