Antivirus Support Services

Antivirus Support
Like in human, viruses are considered to be the most deadly problem for a computer. They can destroy or cause damage to any data that is safely stored inside the computer. Be it the passwords, keywords for transaction or any of the identity documents, bank account number or credit card number, can be easily accessed by a person from the outside once the virus enters the system. We at eDataIndia, provide services for all your antivirus support needs and our team of professionals are certified by the Symantec, which is the authority recommended for antivirus.

Solutions We Provide:
There are no technical problems in the PC that our team of experts cannot fix. Bring to us your problem and we have the right solution for you. Some of the problems that we have dealt with are

  • Antivirus and malware removal
  • Startup and boot up repairs
  • Reinstallation and update of Windows
  • Firewall, Email setup and problems
  • Upgrading windows 8/7
  • Printer and PDA support
  • Wi-Fi setup/support
  • Computer freeze up and pop up problems
  • Mac and OS X support

Our Key Features:

  • Antivirus support that is reactive. In case there is a virus, we run the appropriate antivirus package like Norton or McAfee and operate our own antivirus toolset to kill the virus
  • Antivirus “vaccination”. We install an antivirus monitoring software with the permission from the customer to ensure that the system never gets infected
  • Improvement in performance. Virus related performance slowdown shall be eliminated and will ensure that the computer receives the optimal speed that it is originally supposed to have
  • Highly certified professional services. Our teams of antivirus specialists have the best certifications that are required for the operation and the management of antivirus, including the certification from leading organization, Symantec
  • Round the clock service. Keeping the customer’s need in mind, our online support is open 24×7. This ensures that the antivirus services reach the customers any time and any day

Your Benefits:

  • Discounted service
  • Full customer support with 24/7 helpline
  • Trustworthy experience
  • Transparency
  • Quality services

Contact Us Now:
Start using our antivirus support services and you will leave with the best. Our team of highly trained professionals can fix any PC related problem of yours. The services that are sincere and dedicated will leave you with a special sense of security. So, just hurry up and contact us or email us at or just pick up the phone and dial this number+91-11-27569422