Barter system is all Gone

There was a time when trading services doesn’t require money and early civilization relied on exchange of goods. System had gone long where mankind feels comfort in doing so. Before the invention of money; Mesopotamian tribe introduced barter system which way back around 6000 BCE. Now in contemporary era, settings are changed and now what is considered a reliable source is money.

Money, which is pretty new in system in putting global economy on continuum whirl are making transaction possible. We mean at end of day in business is all need money. In business world entrepreneurs are desperate to have money because it’s the power of money which can earn him decent livelihood possible or make his ownself efficient in other plays of life, business etc.

So with the cease of Barter system, we are moving our economy with money and his power is well aware to very literate person. It’s abridging which making work done. On average people love to have money and sometimes many of them start pinching pennies and even re-evaluate expenses which require money.

It’s not certain to find our self in hesitation especially when we use non-commodity items. We make a lot of attempts & and often assume a series of question.

  • The very first question comes in mind is to check pocket “do I have budget” to afford that particular item.
  • If I bought this particular item “How to utilize it?”

I attempted two questions before using my money. What do you think; how will you use your money especially if you are trying to utilize your hard earned money in business services?

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