Basic Mistakes to Be Avoided During Flipkart Product Listing

The product listing is vital to your chance of making money on Flipkart and you must spend time getting it just right for every product you promote.

Your Flipkart product description is an advertisement for your product, and it should get visitors really excited, so by the time they finishing reading your description they need to buy your product right away!

So here’s how to make money on Flipkart by avoiding the basic mistakes sprucing up your product listing:

Not Using Words Carefully To Describe The Products

You need to choose your words carefully and use your powers of persuasion in every Flipkart listing you create. You need to give visitors solid, detailed information about your product, and the best way to accomplish that is by putting yourself in your potential buyers’ shoes, and deciding exactly what you’d want to know about a product before you’d click the button to buy.

Not Providing Enough Information

Your Flipkart description should include details such as brand name (if there is one), condition, dimensions, age, specifications, whether it’s new or used, color, size, special features, and so on. Compare your own with listings with similar products, to see if there’s anything else your buyers might want to know.

Most of all, you should never assume potential buyers will email for more information about your product. The fact is they won’t, and more likely they’ll move elsewhere to buy from someone else who does give the information they need.

Posting Misleading Information

It is also important that you price your products accurately. In addition to price, you should also carefully monitor your inventory. Customers hate it when they go through the entire checkout process only to find out that the item is not currently in stock. If you are aware that an item is out of stock you should ensure that the item is listed as such.

Poor Quality Images

Inferior quality product images can make customers leave your page even before they read the product description.

Not Mentioning The Benefits of Using Your Products

Include benefits for your product, not just features. Benefits tell what advantages buyers will obtain from the product.

Follow These Rules of Good Copywriting to Increase Your Profits on Flipkart:

  • Use relevant title keywords to maximize your “Best Match” position and get more people to click through to read your description.
  • Identify your potential buyer’ needs and problems early in your description, and end by showing how your product satisfies those needs and solves problems.
  • Use short, uncomplicated sentences, avoid long and uncommon words.
  • Use feedback and testimonials in your listing, but only if they’re good and genuine.
  • Offer a guarantee.
  • State your terms and conditions clearly.
  • Check spelling and grammar, and remember words and spellings sometimes vary between Flipkart sites.
  • Following the tips we have listed above will go a long way in ensuring that your product listing is properly optimized.
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