Best OCR Softwares For Data Entry Works

Having good OCR software is important while doing any kind of data entry work. The OCR software performs various tasks ranging from converting PDF images, invoices, business cards, mails, print outs, business transactions, receipts, payments etc into a digital form. The OCR softwares helps big time while performing data entry works as it saves the precious time of manually creating documents in various formats. With OCR technology you can also recognize the characters of different languages which are really very helpful in data entry work. Undoubtedly there are number of OCR softwares in the market but it’s always important to choose the best one. However if you are outsourcing data entry work to an efficient company then they will make sure that they use the best Best OCR Softwares For Data Entry Works. Here we are mentioning few of them for you:

6 Best OCR Softwares:

Best OCR Softwares For Data Entry Works

1) Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

This software has a powerful OCR system and works well for both saved and scanned files. It supports relatively fewer languages (42). It can be integrated with commonly used applications MS Word, HTML and Cloud. A comprehensive support is provided including e-mail and phone based support. It has versions for both PC and Mac.

2) Nuance Omnipage:

This software has a robust OCR and is loaded with features. It supports batch processing, exports output to various file formats, and recognizes multiple languages (140). You can integrate it with MS Word, HTML, Cloud as well as eBooks. However, it is available only for PC.

3) ReadIris:

This software preserves the original images, layout, and design of the document and supports a substantial number of languages (130). It can be integrated with Cloud, MS Word, HTML and even in eBook formats. It doesn’t support phone, however, both Mac and PC versions are available for this.

4) ABBYY Fine Reader:

This software recognizes a considerable number of languages (190). It replicates PDFs, images, scanned documents but it is quite expensive. It has Integration with HTML, Cloud, MS Word and eBook formats. It offers a full array of support that includes e-mail and phone. It can be easily installed on all operating systems.

5) Power PDF:

This software retains original layout and features of the document but doesn’t provide 3D correction. It recognizes 123 languages. It can convert digital and scanned images as well as documents. It can be integrated with MS Word, Cloud and HTML. A full range of support is available for both PC and Mac.

6) Soda PDF:

The software can successfully convert images, digital and scanned documents. It also supports batch processing. It can be integrated with MS Word, Cloud, and HTML. It provides comprehensive back office support services including phone support, Email answering support, videos, and tutorials. However, the software is only available for PC.

There is a plethora of different OCR softwares for Data Entry that comes with different kinds of specializations. Knowledge of these software can help organizations decide the best suitable OCR softwares in their own data entry projects.

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