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There are many types of blog ranging from personal dairies to professional, video, Audio (MP3 blogs), fictional to topical blogs where news events are highlighted and criticized form personal point of view. All these content runs on software which let you to update valuable content at right place. It is sort of mechanical approach, when you add-up subscribers your blog boom.

Readers reads your entries, especially most recent ones, that’s why it common to update blog at regular intervals. As concern to our title, which are very characteristics of blog and what makes “blog” different from website?  As already stated the blog runs on software, an easy accessibility at backend; whereas to website “one has to code these”.

Although what is common now-days  entrepreneurs are switching their websites to blog platforms, the reason behind this blogs are often crawled and quiet user friendly ….so whatever be the reason, their be something good to prefer behind this preference and that’s why people are switching. Well ……

The most common characteristics of blogs are

Blog Post : – Reader often found, recent entries on the top of blog, it’s a sort of excerpts of index pages directing to page entry where blogger put his /her time efforts to give meaningful way of understanding. As to the blog post interface, here blogger can write just as an email is written. When all things are arranged they just click to publish button and everything goes at ease something as simple as ABC.

If we try to do this on a traditional website, publishing content would be serious headache. Although, it could be done but what is required here is time efforts and knowledge of technical aspects, but with blog you don’t have to worry about all these stuff.

Archives: – it is important element especially represents the efforts of blogger from past to present. The most common to notice in these archives is that it shows search engines a duplicate content with different URL. So in order to avoid this, our opinion is to no index Archives. One can ask webmaster to do so, He would code it, as you search on internet how to do it. The entries listed in these archives are shown monthly.

Category: – Although post is displayed but in order to give accessibility to reader and in order to generalize the blog posts it is better to put entries in category. It is very helpful to readers to get conclusion or say it is helpful in searching intent category of interest.

Comments: – this is really important, this section show popularity of topic. People prefer to seek this section. If you are missing comments on any blog entry, this means you to promote that post.

Another matter, which is being often noticed, is spammy on this section, spammers but promotional comments excluding topic of entry, especially on Word press, where spammers set programs and mostly irrelevant comments. So in order to avoid spamming make sure to enter Captcha, this will not completely eliminate spamming but to some extend it would makes your work easier.

So here, we discuss four important elements which make blog a good blog and these are the sections where blogger mostly put their efforts.

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