Blogging – Technical Answer

People often ask in their friend circle or at office about “blog”, what it means. Even I share my experience my elder’s often ask me about “blog”. Basically people who ask this question often lack computer knowledge and internet. Taking Assumption of this I always answer to them is “Blog is a website”, its sound technical but its true “Blog is website” but not all website is “Blog”.

The cool feature about blog is that it runs on software, it’s a hidden key to blog; using blog software you can add content to your website, so blog is a key to express yourself in more elaborated way.

So software, running behind blog is powerhouse to add content, whatever you want to share to your readers or consumer. This powerhouse eliminates technical headaches, what you have to do is to type on your laptop and copy paste it on blog CMS of blog. It is as simple as ABC and then publishes that particular piece of content.

What do blog offer and how they are useful?

As we already asserted that “you can easily add your content with it”. Earlier adding content was really troublesome and time consuming process, as professionals have to code up page in HTML whether manually or by help of software application. They have to align text and solve many layout issues, browser setting etc. Blog just eliminated such headaches.

When everything goes right, these professionals have to upload files or modified files using FTP but with blogs, you don’t have to bother in this direction. If you have something to share and require citation or rectification here you can save it as draft.

These few reason are the major reasons why blogging is being taken by commercial sites. Actually they own bunch of information, which is to be displayed on regular intervals and coding such bunch of information is really troublesome if one have to do it manually. It’s really painstaking to do it at own and it’s really costly to hire professionals. Well even not professionals are playing their role, but to different sort.  The blogging is now, done at ease.

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