How to boost your sales on the eCommerce Platform in Festival Season

6 Effective Ways to boost sales on eCommerce Platform in Festival Season

The Big Indian Festive Season is here with attractive discounts on everything from apparel, footwear, accessories, electronics, furniture, household appliances and so much more. The reason for this sudden push in the marketplace is straightforward – buyers purchase more during the festive period. What’s more, when the rise in sales is definite, then putting the best foot forward is only natural for the eCommerce stores.

Thus, we are listing top effective ways to increase online sales during the festive season.

Include Offers & Discounts

While every other online store, including the big companies, will do ‘festive sale’, we recommend you do the same as well. It is the best way to get noticed during this time.

Hold Social Media Contests

Arranging a fantastic social media contest is a must during this festive season to attract more customers. Here, we highly recommend that you conceptualize well on some cool contest ideas. The more innovative the contest, the more traction it will gain.

Surprise Gift With Every Purchase

Add a special surprise gift with every order you get this festive season. This could be a discount voucher for the next buy or even a little ‘Thank You’ gifts. Keep in mind the key here is to make this addition (regardless of how little) memory for the client. Also, you can make new designs for those special vouchers or make sure the gifts are creative too.

Customized Packaging

As a festive season perk, you can offer to gift-wrap the orders in unique packs. This won’t only make your customers order gifts online yet, in addition, make your brand that stands out in a sea of e-commerce stores.

Share Your Customers’ Positive Stories on Social Media

While you are really focusing on getting more customers, we give you a basic trick to impact the new purchasers and boost your online eCommerce sale. Utilize your current customer base as people who will boost your sales by word-of-mouth. Send out special e-mails to your existing loyal customers to share their stories on how items purchased from your online store turned into a part of their happy festive memories.

People will emotionally connect to these stories and hence will serve as an indirect referral for your new customers.

Jazz up your customer service

Finally and above all, work to improve your customer service– do all you can to make it your priority. You just cannot afford to displease customers.

All queries and complaints should be replied promptly. There is no space for specialized discrepancies in customer care. Keep in mind one agitated client can accomplish more damage to your brand image that you have gone through years in building. In this way, pull up your socks and gear up for the most exhilarating and challenging time of your business.

As eCommerce platforms in India deck up for the festive sale time, you have these cool ways to be seen as well as cash on the festive time shopping spree of people.

Follow the Above steps that help you to increase your eCommerce business in this festive season.

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