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Web Browsers have come long way from days of first internet web browser, Mosaic and like others. Today web browsers have progressed a lot from being mere internet exploring tool to being a multipurpose, multi prolonged application that is very much advantageous to visitors.


A browser is software application, a HTTP client that helps internet visitor to interpret HTML documents and display content from web servers or in file systems. Today there is large number of browsers easily available. Around the globe, number of organisations has developed web browsers each with variety of motives, each of which interpret the source code used to produce web pages slightly differently. Although web browsers have improved over time, whether it’s from Mosaic to Mozilla, Internet explorer or chrome It has covered long way but its standardisations is still to be achieved. World Wide Web Consortium, w3C is organisation which has led quest for standardising source code and the way in which it is to be interpreted. Their motto is “to lead the web to its full potential.”

There are various source codes for web page such as CSS or HTML. Basically most widely accepted source code is HTML. HTML was more consistent and used for both meaning and presentation than CSS. Although there is buzz in market that CSS will allow any sort of animations and will compete against flash but in reality CSS can never do it. Even many browsers still do not support CSS. CSS could provide only limited animation hence it could not be able to replace flash animation. HTML is most consistent and widely used and accepted by all major browsers.

HTML should be used to mark up web content, to give it semantic meaning while CSS should be used to define the presentation of content.

Our Solutions
To triumph over the nooks and corners of the World Wide Web (www), is not an easy task. Only a reliable and efficient browser has the ability to make this easier said than done task a child’s play by bringing out the best of this fathomless ocean. However smart browser you may get but even then it could have anomaly. Only a premium browser support can ensure that you can streamline your boat through troubled waters of internet in a fail-safe manner.

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