The challenges of eCommerce Product Data Entry


Ecommerce is taking the marketing industry by storm. Online shopping is talk of the day.  As a customer we do not notice the exertion that goes behind in creating an alluring and perfect ecommerce portal. One of the toughest yet imperative tasks of online marketing is product data entry.

Ecommerce product data entry is a process that involves searching product info, description, images etc. from different sources and uploading them on the website that’s selling the product. Due to time constraint, companies outsource the data entry process to reliable and skilled third-party providers.

In spite of a vast industry providing great and efficient service, retailers face many challenges in eCommerce product data entry process. Challenges which are recurring and inevitable are;

Choosing the right provider

This is one of the biggest challenges retailer face while outsourcing product data entry; finding a vendor who suits your business prerequisites. The service provider should understand your business and products and cater to your needs at the right cost and appropriate time.


The biggest question faced by the companies is whether product data entry should be outsourced or insourced. Weighing the pros and cons such as cost of outsourcing data entry against appointing in housing team, turnaround time, work quality and quantity and labour cost, should be carried out.

Service quality evaluation

Your work is not over once the product entry process is outsourced. Monitoring and accessing the work done and evaluating the quality should be carried out at regular intervals. Many fail in this domain due to time constriction and small team size resulting in poor overall performance of the eCommerce website.


Static communication may affect business and quality of the desired output of product entry significantly. Small businesses usually face a lost communication due to work overload leading to misinterpretation, delay and unsatisfactory results. A smooth flow of communication between the vendor the retailer is imminent.

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