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Gaining knowledge thought teacher has been old traditional method. In contemporary era, a new way of learning is collaborative learning. Here a set of professional joins hands to get core understanding to topic often associated to any business project. It is a sort of debate where pros and cons are analyzed

The result for such collaboration is brainstorming and many of their core issues can solved or highlighted.  Here team leader ask his / her group members to instigate and stress is on to come up with valuable ideas which are obviously related to working experience. Listening to each other and cognitive skills, which many time is case concern to any business.

While using online we often come through and find communities as on social network where same minded people come with new innovative problem solving methods. In juxtaposition, these collaborative perception is well capable to give new way of thinking, something making other colleague to face problem without hesitations. In other words “it is a method to cultivate remedies in decent way” hence increase production of any organization.

Now days a more common for testing is “stimulation” it is very common word where problematic situation are dealt virtually. Here software “stimulation” can be taken as example where software tester insert variety of data formats while tests any particular software on different platforms.

Or taking, any event that occurs in organization often published on web communities or social networking sites where member participate and often urge to answer their question.  The overall result of all this is refined approach because it is based on real life experience hence, it is almost like seminar and lot of fun doing and access to knowledge.

If team leaders or project manager adopt such strategy they can make optimistic approach to any problem and the problem will be no problem at all.

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