Content is king

Content is an important resource, which make site understood to the search engine. Firms often establish a team to get central of content, which have an actual duty to update the site and blog writing comes to existence. Establishing a blog make help to come close to the set of variation which usually many services of your work profile, enlist them and define them.
By using blog one can attempt to give best review, which are listed on the testimonial page and it can also be helpful to establish oneself a leader to service who is omniscience of the service and its related work.


  • Create a keyword target content with a little bit sense of latest trend in the market, but it doesn’t means you make keyword stuffing.
  • To be getting smart in SEO, one have to overlook the latest trends, always react to the problem with fresh strategy before acting of others. This shows your consciousness to the business related problem.

Define yourself

  • What usually entrepreneur desires is a healthy traffic, which actually place order and generate revenue. So define your goals, set up the plans beforehand, setup a timeline, put your efforts, and track them, in so if any problem occurs, it could be rectified

Content development – How do Google Analyzes ?

  1. Google analyses the words mathematically
  2. Frequently used words
  3. Words in heading, bulleted list, number list and links.
  4. Relationship between the above words. Do not pepper too much, it’s ok Google will understand it, but the ultimate is user “she/he” can understand and extract the meat in a moment and put himself off. So make it readable because it is the visitor who will buy your products and services not a search engine.

Google wants inbound links and for this reason, one id desperate for good content. So if want that people link to you then there is need of good content. So write for your visitor.

What kind of words

  • Related to services like semantically key phrase. Use them at right place (heading, list and other bold, italicized text)

Forget keyword density

  • Google is not interested in keyword density.
  • Density shouldn’t exceed more than 3% as while attempting this practice Google will consider us one of the spammer and may penalize out site for misdeeds.  Secondly, visitor will find it hard to read.
  • It is very difficult for the surfer to spend time, to read what you are offering to overcome this , write specifically according to your requirement , what you can offer, what is site know for, so that surfer get exact note to the problem.

Making additional pages

  • If you want to become a versatile to every problem, which you are offering to the user in return to your service, build additional pages and describe them brief if you adding them to your service page.  Set a variation in the key phrases which are to be targeted on the page. Link them according to the site architecture so that search engine might not face problem to crawl them.
  • Secondly, if target all of them on single page, it will increase keyword density to 5 to 10% and all your efforts will go waste because an un-optimized page would not tell the real conclusion of text.  So design a web page which is relevant to the search queries.

Where to place keywords

  • It is well noted Google loves heading, list, caption of the tables & images, anchor text, so these are the proper place to add of keyword phrases. Secondly it also been noticed the surfer too prefer to read information which is in hierarchy and tabular in nature if come at analysis. Simply considering a news paper reader get interested in reading the content it doesn’t what type of news it is. They get into influence due to magnetic headlines. Same thing is applied on the Google. Search engine extract the specific information for these sources so add keyword rich text here.

Create creativity with grammatically phrases

  • Using your main key phrase, with grammatically rules can boost your position. Do not forget to specify the geographical location, because it is usually noticed, people search for cost cutting and because of economical disparity in various countries; they will prefer to use geographical location.
  • Add a route map of your business location if you want to target locally.


We think above observation can make significant contribution in making search engine marketing.

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