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It is known that logo design for a website is first basic need to identity.  You probably watch that most of the websites have own decent logo. Which represents their business and these logos are tailor made to highlight business goals, quality of your product services.

But quiet often logos on website are not specifically design for purpose and often take loose design. Here in this article we would like to reveal some fundamental steps which are to be taken care while designing  a logo; almost any business.

Being an outsourcing firm we often receive logo design assignment where we specifically take care on client specification. Every business has their own demographics where they target to appeal specific users. Not certain at all, many of entrepreneur design their logo according to their product types, some want to catch attention of children, some specifically to certain gender, peoples, teenagers, professionals etc. Logo designs are distinct for every business hence there is requirement of creative approach.

For example: – As we stated we are outsourcing firm and often have contract from employer. So we receive an assignment of Logo Design where we have to appeal specific gender especially female for small cake baking business. Well our professional makes their grounds and furnish tailor made requirement of our clientele. The logo was cool and really impressed the client.

Well as to the fundamental steps, what we talked earlier; start with brainstorming sessions. Here if you are working individual you have to ponder on what your requirements are or ask specifically to your graphic designer or freelancer whom you want to hire to meet the purpose.  This basic step needs your time and efforts at first so that you can picture your idea. Here graphic designer will let you know how to do meet requirement of logo design and in meantime if you are hiring a freelancer just give your specification so that he can sketch some graphics.  Hereafter choose from those graphics and if there is a need of some modifications highlight them so that your graphic designer can modify it.

If you are working alone than ask your friends to have a look so that they can let you know weather logo design suits business or not.  Act according to their feedbacks.

Give a space to versatility: Many times it happens that Logo of your choice may need some addition or manipulation so in order to do that you have to consider the versatility aspect so that you can reproduce format if there is any requirement at later stages. Businesses often go thought different stages and quiet often there is requirement to create new. So if the image is too complicated; it won’t give much room to sustain in previous form.

Note: – If you are working individually then it’s really important to consider on this aspect as professionals always set themselves.


Check out your color scheme: – when it comes to graphic design then color scheme is an integral part of this field. Colors can make certain attachments, arouse emotions and excitements.  So think twice before choosing color. Ponder if it really suite your business theme as specific niche business uses specific color for example in real estate business professional mostly uses blue and red colors.  So create you set of color palettes and set what comfort you and your godsend customers, viewer etc.

When you are done with brainstorming, versatility and color selection are done now it’s time to check fonts.  Usually entrepreneur attach company name or business motto in their logos. So depending on business type stylize your font accordingly otherwise it would not give impression. For example it is important to have font in stylish manner as fashion is all about new style. Similarly when you go for academy or university your font should display professional entity.

So with these simple steps you and further steps for glorious logo design. Every business has its own specification and you have to act accordingly.

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