Can Duplicate content on your website trouble your SEO?

Utilizing duplicate content is a decent approach to really lose focuses on major search engines viz, Google, Yahoo and Bing. While “Quality content is everything”, to the extent the search engines go, dreadfully many destinations simply include PLR articles that a huge number of different sites as of now have. This is bad for your SEO endeavors. It might add to your rankings or it may not. The truth of the matter is that there is a considerable measure of ways that you can enhance your site’s page ranking in search engines, utilizing SEO techniques, yet not every one of them can be of a long-haul advantage.

What is viewed as duplicate content?

In case it so happens that your site contains data that is quite similar to another site, search engines will filter the data and construct their ranking with respect to this fact. Many people utilize automated software programs to copy content between sites in a mixed-up expectation that by making a copied site, they can enhance their site ranking, by getting a few versions listed. The engines are currently checking these sorts of traps and in place of better ranking for your site, you may wind up getting blacklisted.

Duplicate Content SEO

What do the search engines consider copied content?

Making sub-domains on your site is one method for making copied pages or utilizing a fresh domain with the same content. You may utilize distinctive landing pages, however, if the site is bagged with similar material, the search engines will catch on and you will get punished. Sadly, there are still individuals that trust that they are quicker witted than the web crawlers and cause themselves harm by attempting to beat the copy content filters.

Some software programs claim that they can “re-arrange ” the subject matter of PLR articles to make a completely unique page. Try not to trust it. More often than not, by “re-arranging” the content you get something that is garbled to individuals and the search engines. These sorts of software produce several pages from one article, by changing sentence structure and utilizing a thesaurus to present varieties of specific words.

Product descriptions utilized on eCommerce sites are another type of copy content that is utilized broadly, regardless of whether to attempt to trick the search engines or simply the general public. If you duplicate the correct wording of a contending site, you have committed copyright infringement. While it may help your site to offer the items, you are presenting yourself to a claim, and getting yourself banned.

How does a search engine recognize copied content when doing SEO?

These engines utilize robots (in reality just programs) to filter for copy content by utilizing similar means for analysis and positioning for sites. These so-called robots first visit the websites and afterwards catalog them. They read the information listed, save it and thereafter compare it with the competitor sites to check if the information given is same or unique. The search engines employ a complex set of algorithms to determine if the respective sites have similar or different content. The sites with unique and informative content will enjoy a higher ranking as compared to its counterparts.

How might you keep away from copied content while doing SEO?

Its very unfortunate to note that even though you believe that your content is altogether fresh and unique and are not trying to deceive the search engines, you might still be penalized for duplicate content. An example for the same would be writing an article for your site and then copied and redistributed to other site, with someone else claiming credit for the same.

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