• What is Data Entry Outsourcing ?
    It simply means that the business to whom the data belongs is not physically doing the processing work, but is instead shopping it out to another business or individual. Data entry is the act of transcribing written documents into computer data, or of transcribing one type of electronic data into another.



  • What are the different ways by which we can reach and communicate with you?
    You can reach us via email, Chat Messengers like Skype, MSN, Yahoo etc., Phone or just through Live Chat on our website


  • What are your general prices for Data Entry Services?
    Please visit https://www.edataindia.com/pricing/ to get the basic idea about the pricing. Actual quote would be given once we read your exact requirements.


  • What are your normal working hours?
    We work in 2 shifts and cover around 18 hours a day.
    Our working hours are 9 AM to 6 PM IST and 8:30 PM to 5:30 AM IST.


  • How do you charge monthly or hourly or per item basis?
    Our charges depend on how you want to get the work done. For Hourly or Per Item basis, we would need a sample work to give you the best quote in industry.


  • What are the modes of payment you generally accept?
    We generally accept payments through Wire Transfers and Paypal.


  • What are your general terms of payment?
    We work with advance payments or initial payment as the terms of payment whether it is monthly, bi-monthly or weekly.


  • Do you have any Non Disclosure Agreement?
    Yes, we have a Non Disclosure Agreement which we ask our every new client to sign and send back to us and we do the same.


  • Do you provide any references of your existing clients?
    Yes, we worked over 150 clients all over USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. We would be happy to provide references of our existing clients once all other negotiations and formalities are complete.