Few Basic Mistakes to Be Avoided During Amazon Product Listing

It won’t be wrong to say that if an online seller wants to reach out to the maximum audiences then the best way to do that is by listing products on Amazon. As compared to the other online shopping stores, Amazon has a wider reach and the fact is that people trust shopping from this online store.  But even after listing their products on Amazon there are many such merchants who don’t get the desired result when it comes to the sales. You know that your products are of extreme quality but then why they are not getting sold even after Amazon Product Listing?? Well, here is your answer; the problem lies in the method that you are using to list your products on Amazon.

4 basic mistakes that sellers do while listing their products on Amazon product listing:

Few Basic Mistakes to Be Avoided During Amazon Product Listing

1) Not Using Keywords Properly

One thing that you need to know while listing your product on Amazon is that you not only have to work on getting found on Google but you also need to work to be found on Amazon. The fact is that Amazon has its own unique algorithms that it uses for searches. All the major search engines work around repetitive keywords and most of the merchants follow the same strategy for Amazon product listing also. But Amazon algorithms are different as they work on the basis of the main features of the product and if the features are clearly mentioned then even if you use the keyword just once it will work. So, from next time when you do Amazon product listing make sure you don’t use keywords bluntly and rather than focus on mentioning all the features of the product.

2) Mentioning Coupons and Discount Offers in the Product Titles

Merchants think that the best way to lure the customers is by mentioning about the discount in the product title itself. But this strategy will never work as Amazon will only end up deleting those products as the coupon or discount information is doing no help in describing the product features in the best possible way. Your product title should be such that it defines your product in the every possible manner. For eg, if it’s you are selling a shirt then to create a product title with details like its color, sleeves size, fabric, occasion to wear, size etc.

3) Bad Quality Images

One thing you need to understand while Amazon product listing is that you product images are the key to attract the customers. When the customer likes the image of your product then only they will buy it. Hence always make sure that the images that you use for product listing are of good quality.

4) Wrong Product Categorizing

There are more than thousands products being sold on Amazon and thus it is very important that you put your products in the correct category. Most of the online shoppers choose products via category only and if you have not posted your product in the right category then your product will not even show up to the right buyers.

These are few very basic mistakes that can be avoided just by outsourcing Amazon, eBay, Magento & Shopify Product listing Services.


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