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Being involved in Image processing services; our team often searches for some best online image editing software’s. We have to do this because it really cost saving for our budget. With advent of modern cameras in market people can click clear and crisp photographs. Although there are some issues which are still coming with clicks for example lighting, flash, red-eye, need of appropriate background especially with professional photographs etc. It is where one need some photo editing services so that it can make decent memories with those photographs and image processing need some cost, if your are planning to make those photos decent.

At internet there are various free options available, basically there are free online software for image editing.  Here you have to choose. Usually, what happens; people rely on Photoshop because its wide acknowledged name in image editing industry and quiet established software which is tough in institutions, who patented several formats of image which are mostly used by industries like .PSD and .PDF.  But still there are people, who need some free software because they have few photographs which are to be enhanced. Here purchasing software, which cost a lot and which is just for some minimal repairs …. We don’t think it’s a good option. Its best, if you can afford it but if not you don’t have to feel dishearten because there are other online sources which are available.

Gimp: –First software that comes in mind is Gimp. Its excellent image manipulation software and a free version like Linux operating system. It was first introduced in 1996 and till date getting updates. The good thing is that here you can open .PSD formats with Gimp. Here you can remove click issues as stated back in article like lighting, red-eye etc. It can enhance blur images and quiet capable to enhance photos although, it takes some time to learn it but can be very helpful utility if you are checking for some free software for image manipulation. From you can have this software, even they also offer tutorial if you are planning to download it.

Paint.Net : – If you are searching for basic customized requirements for image editing then is a best suit for your requirements. Although not powerful as Gimp but still useful to meet your requirement. You can download it free from listed with minimum system requirements. Here you can attempt several resizing and rotating options with some decent special effects almost required for any picture. So with this software you can get those features.
The cool feature about Paint.Net is that it comes with straight forward a feature which makes it user friendly software. Here you will need Microsoft .Net Framework with 3.5 Service Pack 1. Another cool feature is that you can create collage of images using layers.

PhoXo : – If you are searching for tiny & powerful photo editing software then PhoXO can be your best choice. It’s multilingual software which comes in 11 languages. It is easy to install and just 4MB in size. It is software with best features which includes special effects. It can crop your favorite images and manipulate accordingly. If you conclude all features of this software then it would not be certain to say it’s a “mini Photoshop”.  One can download it from

Funny Photo Maker: – If you want to do something funny with your pictures then you will this software very helpful. This software can furnish your amazing effects with your pictures. You can download it from if you want to add some artistic effect on pictures.

There are many other online software’s which can be used for special effects for example Photo Funia, but all these are online utility which are being used by online community to manipulate pictures. We just discussed some of their features and hope you too will try your hands to check “can they meet your purpose”. It is will take some time but it would be very helpful.

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