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So, you make a mindset to launch your own business. It is a fact and it is true in this business world before you start something then you have to invest something in the form of your own precious time or investment. There are many places where at-least at some level one requires to invest some capital. Whether you are willing to buy infrastructure or an office place on lease; all your need is money.

In fact, if you also own business contacts and want to use it while outsourcing, especially at basic level, then also, there is requirement of money. So,not a certain to arrest that money is the set of value which is running this global society.

It is quiet troublesome for a novice who is planning for business. We say, if you are lucky; fund utilization depends on business types especially in outsourcing at some level where he/she can afford to save some value because there are others who can do at affordable rates, especially at IT Enabled services.

Well here are the few ideas where people find money.

First off, in personal saving, it can be most prancing moment, if you own sufficient and if so you ready to take risks otherwise you need a person who have blind fate in you and ready to invest on your behalf.


Many times and people do it to fund business for initial startup is freelancing. They work out in order to do something related to their initial business. This approach removes most of related risk, at least now you can pay you own debts, it also reduces a lot failure, but here you have work a lot at your own, wearing all the hats of business even have to sacrifice you personal time to establish your business.

Approach to Family and friends

It “ok” you establish some portion of your business, besides your own labor and cost you need more money, for most of the small business owner it’s really troublesome. So approaches to family and friends becomes an easiest source of income if and only if you have a chance to achieve in business but here you have to very careful because certain business deals can damage your family relationship if it doesn’t come out right, it really makes impossible to gain relationship. Please don’t ask money from those family members who can’t afford it do so.

So here we listed some of the approaches where you can put your deal excluding commercial sectors like bank, partnership, crowd funding or something like Venture Capitalists.

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