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In year 2013, we come with number of posts counting around 59 posts; sticking ourselves around back office support services and its subsets. These services comes in varied formats and dealing in support services, we tried to elaborate, what we can and how do them better.  We also tried to elaborate, why these services are needed and why entrepreneur around the globe are desperate to have these services at affordable cost.  Here we are discussing our best post of our choice and we hope they can give our perception towards business

  • Well to these efforts the very start of blog post was with “Professional Proofreading Services”, to which mostly firms engage teams in converting hard copies to digital format. So here in this article, we elaborated the vital importance of OCR Imaging services where primary executive of any firm can excess information on clicks. The process is being elaborated in few baby steps which consist scanning of catalog, extracting of image to verification of information & accuracy that is part of team management so that our clientele can receive bespoken services.
  • Next article we come though is “data entry professional, it a brief article elaborating vital importance of datum where database are being updated in order to accelerate process. As to the article, we tried to highlight the need of data entry services and why firms, individuals are desperate to have it. What leads them to outsource are being pointed in just four steps with case scenario where we tried to outline the need with example.
  • In our next article titled “Play the ace with data entry outsourcing”, we tried to elaborate happy outsourcing experience especially for undersize bourgeois of develop countries. We also highlighted that data entry services are not trivial but with scope of variation depending upon type of task.
  • In our next article “Form processing as data interpretation”, we tried to highlight the use of customized information, which comes to firm bearer while having survey, feedback forms with special stress on handwritten feed-backs where operators often come though the cacography because mostly people don’t have good writing, but instead this, vendor incumbents working as operator fill information with dexterous efforts.
  • As to the post “Numeric Data Entry with data reconciliation” the importance of accuracy is being asked, because client often asks for exact copy of information. The assignment becomes crucial when operators have to enter data from already prepared register for balance sheet, lazars as part to prepare digitalized database so that executives at front office can enjoy the advantage of digital format just in clicks. In this brief view the process is being elaborated where assignment are received in .PDF format and team management strategy is being stressed where teams have to crosscheck entered data, so that accuracy can be sustained.
  • Manage Trade with Data Entry” is another piece of informative article where importance of data entry is being elaborated. Here various business owners engage their incumbents or outsource it for positive outcome. Implementation of this strategy, the fully credit goes to advancement in internet technology. Due to which, vendor can furnish virtual assistance for their global clientele, so what actually Edataindia is doing. Revealing the work profile of data entry jobs, it is often consider tedious and monotonous but to data entry firms, who actually do this work as their core business is not tiring. They enjoy it, as same as Edataindia. With a stress on outsourcing article ends with sense to inspire global clientele to take advantage of outsourcing service.
  • Engage Offline – Online Marketing”, is piece of article, where we tried to touch aspects of marketing and found that both of these strategies are supportive to each other, at-least in out sense. Although offline strategy is being replace by virtual screen, where clientele accord, consult for their assignment. Here again technology overriding traditional way of methods but still in traditional sense of business, offline marketing still works. Here in this article, we tried to elaborated possibilities of “Offline services with online” & “Online Services without Offline”.
  • While accessing internet search engines are very well known. It wouldn’t be certain to assert that in contemporary world very literate person is familiar about usage of search engine and role played by them in game of commerce. They are acting as a-bridge to the surfer who are desperate for their intend searches.  “Search Engine the Best Artifact” is a brief view of search engines glory and role played by them, where digitization of records, references especially the frequent suggestion given at the end of the search are very helpful to the surfer. You can search to anything & almost all aspects are being touched. In another article “Mercy of search Engines”, we tried to elaborate dependency of ours at search engines.
  • SEO Services are very well known in business world.  Entrepreneur hangs often to have best SEO Consultancy at affordable cost. Whatever is pursued but it is for sure and quiet noticeable that entrepreneur comes without plan for SEO and result is “Garner Income to Vendor from innocent Clients”. So the solution lies in knowing your own business requirements, preparing demographics with list of requirements, budget etc… so that task can be furnished at affordable cost.  This is what is being elaborated point wise in our article “Why to Set SEO Goals?
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