How Data Analytics Is Transforming The Data Entry Industry?

We are living in a data-centric world. This professional world is boosted each day with competition to acquire most data. The raw data is futile without having it processed. Hence now comes to the role of Data Analytics. This is the domain of computer science that deals with processing and analyzing data sets to draw inference from the raw data. All the great marketing and technology giants tend to hire graduates with expertise in data science to handle their big data sets. Data Analytics has now grown into a lucrative field, so it necessitates the required skill set to assess data.

How Data Analytics Is Transforming the Data Entry Industry

Increase In Demand Of Pursuing Data Analytics

More than 75% of companies in the United Kingdom and the United States of America are proliferating their utilization of data analytics as a tool to develop reliable and more predictable business models. The science of data analytics is based on technology, but its application is widespread and not just limited to the IT sector. It is mushrooming in financial service and banking sector, business analysis, healthcare sector, digital media, E-commerce, travel sectors and manufacturing and supply chain. This field is skyrocketing due to its vast expansion on the market. The graduates embark for a master degree course on Data Analytics to serve in the big companies which pay a starting salary of $82,000.

Insights Along With Actions

It has been accurately said that “Businesses are drowning with data but starving for insights” by a recent report by Forrester. Data manipulation and handling is a challenge in this world of culminating data. The non-systematic way of data handling impedes and delays the aggressive growth of the company. The bridge between insights and actions has to be effaced by the proper allocation of people adept in data analysis in this field.

Why Bentley University Is Best For Pursuing Data Analytics?

The graduates seek for Master of Science in Analytics at Bentley University to acquire the necessary expertise in Data Analytics. The Bentley University students gain enough knowledge to get hands-on practice on high techs innovation centers like Computer Information Systems Technology Sandbox and User Experience Centre. The course imparts deep insights into statistical modeling methodologies, including myriad cutting edge data mining technology to dive deep into the field of Data Analytics.  This course is imparted in three disciplines like Audit Analytics, Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics.

The Three I0’s Of Big Data

Around 50 zettabytes of stored data which is equivalent to 50 billion one terabyte disk drives will be generated by the end of 2020. This mammoth data is 90% unstructured hence need proper management and analysis. A cultural change must be incorporated into each organization to handle this colossal stock of data. This cultural change is described as the three “I’s” of big data. First comes investing in accumulation and organizing data corresponding to any firm for analysis. This will prevent the extinction of data during digital transformation. Secondly comes innovating of this extensive unprocessed data to elicit new products and services by the proper exploration of this data, and lastly, improvising of this massive data to turn insights into actions for enhancing productivity. The raw data corresponds to crude oil; the data centre corresponds to the refinery, while analytics indicates the refinement process.

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