How to Optimize Your Image for Mobile Search

In this fast going generation who has the time to open up the computers and laptops? Only the professionals working in-house work on the computers otherwise they would also love to work on the mobile phones when everything is available there too, plus some more additional features. From personal life to handling our professional life, our mobile phones give us access to everything or we may handle both together if we wish.

How to Optimize Your Image for Mobile Search

Did you know? Google is working on separating the desktop and mobile in different indexes, making the mobile primary because the primary source of accessing the internet is mobile only.

Optimizing Your Image for Mobile Search

Desktop search and mobile search is a different thing in a few ways… Below in this blog we will discuss about how to optimize your image for the mobile search.

This we all know that today we use mobiles much more than the desktops and also, the apps and the other features to resolve our query. The context of the image can be different when searched from a mobile phone and a desktop/computer. So, must ensure that images on your website must show up clearly (quality wise) when searched from a mobile phone.

  • Use Unique Images– The image you’re using on the website must be unique, as when user opens it in mobile phone then it is something new for him/her to look at and so that he/she pays more attention to that.
  • High Quality Images– The image should be clearly visible which means the quality and the pixels of the image must be appealing, focusing the every detailing of the image.
  • Reduce Image Size– It is important to reduce the size of the image without affecting its quality as it increases the page speed which is very important for mobile viewing, otherwise you’ll see the high bounce rate.
  • Unite the Multiple Images– It is important when optimizing image for the mobile search that you should unite the similar images in a logical order, so that it doesn’t looks like unnecessarily adjusted to the user.
  • Add Caption with the Image– It is also necessary to involve a caption with the image that defines the image, so that the user will also be able to understand the image much closely.

These above points are mandatory when optimizing the image for the mobile search and when these are followed then your image will definitely rank well in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

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