How to Write Your eCommerce Product Descriptions for Specific Keywords?

With the growing amount of resources and multiple options in the market, our demand for various things has also been increased. Looking at these demands the companies have evolved themselves into the e-commerce websites, where they promise to deliver what the customer demands to their doorsteps, which has also changed the customers behavior a lot.

How to Write Your eCommerce Product Descriptions

And with the high competition in the market, every marketing company has established their online stores looking forward to provide the best facilities to the customer’s demand. But here the question arises that how these e-commerce stores can make their websites attractive, approachable and also reach to wide range of people while in the existence of their competitors.

Here Comes the Need of SEO-Friendly Product Description!

Each search engine performs like a web directory and it has to track hundreds of websites against a search term. To help the researcher find the relative websites at the top of SERPs, the search algorithms tend to classify the novelty, uniqueness and significance of a web page. So it’s totally up to you that if you want your e-commerce website to be on the top of the search results then you must have a SEO friendly product description on that specific product page.
1. Focus on the Key Features- E-commerce websites has the very challenging competition in the market. Similarly, the business owners need to come up with the new and advance features to beat their competitors in the market. If you put more functionality for the customers, but forget to obtain the advantages by not highlighting the key features. So that’s why it becomes important to describe the key selling points in your product description.

2. Understanding of the product- Without having the complete knowledge of the product, you may not be able to understand the product completely and what are its features and specifications. So it is necessary to first gain the complete knowledge of the product to describe the features of the product at its best which the customer is looking for. It also involves the understanding of why the product is being manufactured or developed.
Product descriptions with specific keywords require you to have the detailed understanding of the product before writing for it.

3. Who is Your Target Audience?- Every product is manufactured after setting up in mind that who will be the target audience for that product or who will buy it? And it is up to you that how fast you realize your target audience before writing the e-commerce product description as the targeted keywords will also be based upon the targeted audience. Always the product description depends upon the behavior of the targeted audience and what are they interested in?

4. User-friendly Language- The words selection for writing the description of the product is very sensitive and may depend upon the target audiences. The writing skills of every individual are different from the other. You need to take care of the words you’re using that it should be relatable for a common user, thus, need to write simple language. Whether a professor is reading it or a school child, it should be readable for both.

5. Strategic Keywords- Must ensure that unnecessary use of the keywords will ultimately affect your website ranking. The search engines are smart enough to scan your description whether it makes any sense to relative product or not, otherwise drop it down in the list. Must take care of;

  • Prevent keyword stuffing
  • Use relative keywords
  • Do not focus on writing for SEO

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