What are Image Tagging and Indexing Services?

Get your scattered, unsorted paper-based information sorted out and categorized into a filed database with Indexing and Archiving Services. It makes the procedure of accessing, searching, and recovering data, proficient, more straightforward and speedy.

With Data Indexing Services, you will be able to categorize and index your data as per your particular business needs.  We extract vital information like the titles, keywords, document number, invoice number, document data, file name, etc. to create a properly indexed database for you and make effortless data retrieval possible.

Indexing and Archiving Services

  • Full Profile and Text Indexing
  • Data Backup and Duplication
  • OCR Scanning
  • PDF Conversion/ Generation

Some of the paper-based images, documents, and other text files indexing services include:

  • Word Processing Spreadsheets, Files, HTML Documents, Scanned Images
  • Journals, Manuals
  • Newsletters, Catalogs
  • Books, Dental / Medical Records
  • Faxes, Resumes, Receipts

Image Archiving additionally improves the ease of use of a database. Utilization of OCR, ICR, OMR, and other cutting-edge technology will guarantee increased volumes of critical business information is indexed properly and ensures simple navigation through large amounts of archived data.

Image Tagging

Do you offer a lot of pictures and videos on the web and need those to be swiftly found by your target audience? If so, it is essential to structure a lot of information and in addition tag/mark the information with relevant terms. The pictures and videos searched for would then be discovered easily through the internal search function of your site and also through the image search offered by Google.

Image search is the fastest growing search on the web. And, since Google, Ask and Yahoo are now including images in their search results pages, web marketers have been presented with a whole new opportunity. So it only makes sense that website owners take a few extra steps to ensure their images are optimized for search engines.

You can give your photos a boost in the search engines by manually adding keyword and description tags to your gallery pages.

Images that are labeled with suitable keywords can be found in expansive databases swiftly through the internal search function. It will enhance your ranking in picture web search engines, for example, Google and Co. as well.

  • Tagging of your images
  • Fields of application
  • Tagging of videos and video scenes
  • Tagging of product images
  • Tagging of other files such as audio or PDFs files
  • Electronic markings on image files
  • Categorization of your videos and images


  • simple traceability of your videos, images and other files via search engines or internal search functions
  • boost the number of visitors to your website
  • Speed – swift tagging of huge amounts of data
  • Relevant and user-relevant tagging
  • Scalable throughput
  • Quality assured results
  • Flexible workforce
  • API Connection

Keep in mind that images found in the search engines are often used out of context. If copyright issues are important to you, you might wish to watermark your images or keep certain ones in a disallowed folder.

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