Importance of Data Science in Artificial Intelligence?

Over the years, the use of spreadsheets and paper work have been reduced a lot and we could definitely see that why it is so? Living in the fast forward world has just become possible due to the burgeoning technological developments and artificial intelligence. The work which used to take 5 hours can now easily be done in a single hour without any rush and mistakes. Whether we search a product on Google, shop online, post our life events or tweet, everything contains a data and that can be obtained, analyzed and composed properly. Computers allow us to store the large amount of real time information and data in a systematic manner. According to the studies, it is believed that in next one decade the processing power of the CPU’s are expected to match the human brain.

importance of data science

As the information collectively makes a huge data to be stored and fast computing systems, the company owners are regularly looking forward to come up with the new innovations to take their company to a next level. The company owners now think to analyze each and everything from market to customers taste before launching any new service or a product in the market and here the data analytics for insights on market; demand, the target demographic, etc. help these creative organization owners. Computer systems and artificial intelligence is being adopted in these companies with proliferate to make the work process faster and innovative which is expected to rise more in the coming years.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?      

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a field of computer science that focuses on the development of the intelligent machines that work and response like human beings. These are the following activities computers designed with artificial intelligence includes:

  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Speech recognition
  • Problem solving

One more thing to focus on is the subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) i.e. Machine Learning. Machine learning is basically allowing the computers to solve various issues and problems on their own. The breakthroughs which have been introduced by machine learning were nearly impossible some years ago.


How Machine Learning and Data Science?

As we discussed above that machine learning is a subset or a branch of artificial learning (AI) where the bundle of data-driven algorithms allows different software applications to develop an outcome which is accurate, credible and doesn’t require any additional programmes.

The main task is to develop algorithms which can receive inputs to form a proper systematic model to predict an accurate output which can be believed. If you do online shopping or search something online, you’ll be recommended same type of products and items from next time which is because of machine learning.

 On the other hand, Data Science focuses on the disciplines of the computer science such as mathematics and statistics which incorporates methods like visualization, data mining and of course, machine learning.

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