How to Improve Data Entry Accuracy?

We live in the age of information. Tremendous amount of data is available to businesses and the digitization of data is a must. As a result the need of data entry work has increased during the last two decades. And with this need, workload on data entry operators has also increased. The absolute monotony of the work, and the speed with which operators are expected to work make their task difficult & tedious. And this leads to various typos & other mistakes. Read on to discover about data entry mistakes and ways to reduce them.

Types of Errors

  1. Transcription Error: A type of data entry error that is commonly made by human operators. These errors are commonly the result of putting fingers on the wrong keys due to fast typing. These errors include words spelled improperly, information displayed in the wrong way or just a typo. This can also occur while using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), if the paper is crumpled or the ink is wet.
  2. Transposition Error: As the name suggests, this error occurs when the characters or numbers have transported i.e. they have switched their places. This mistake commonly occurs when people are typing numbers. For instance, instead of typing 4532, they type 4523 or something like that. This is mainly the result of hurry among the operators.

How to Reduce Data Entry Mistakes

Here are some tips to increase data entry accuracy reducing the mistakes:

Be Fast but Don’t Rush
There is always a specific manageable speed at which you can work properly. Trying to increase this speed increases the chances of errors. You get tensed when you have to work in a hurry. So, never let the speed overpower your mental peace.

Maintain the Workload
Always maintain the workload and never try to accomplish unrealistic goals. There is a limited amount of work one person can do in a specific period of time. If you overload yourself, then the chances of mistakes increase accordingly and hence doing more harm than good.

Review & Proofread
Reviewing & proofreading of the data entered is very important for the accuracy. You must include this step in the process of data entry. And if possible, take help of someone else to double-check the data as there are more possibilities of correction of mistakes if done by someone else. And hence it is best to let co-workers check each other data.

Make the most of Software Features
Always be aware of advanced features of the software you are using for data entry in order to reduce errors & increase efficiency. One such feature is automated error reports. For example, if  you are entering social security numbers, you need to enter 9 digits per field. But if you enter less digits, the software gives an error report. A lot of such features are available in advanced software.

Create a Relaxing Environment
The environment & physical conditions around you should be comfortable to work in. Make sure that the chair is perfect according to your height and desk position. Also ensure that the keyboard, mouse & other equipment work fine. Enjoy your work, take some breaks and see the mistakes are reducing.

Apply these tips the next time you enter your data and share your experiences. We are always open for discussion in the comments section below!

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