How to Improve Data Entry Productivity and Accuracy

This is the age of data digitization and for every business the most important task is to maintain the data accuracy. As the data information is mostly used for taking important business related decisions, hence it should be 100% accurate. One may think that the job of a data entry operator is quite easy but that’s not the case as they have to maintain the accuracy of the data along with the speed. There are many chances of mistakes in data entry which can ruin the entire business system. To prevent such mistakes, hence here we are sharing 6 tips to improve data entry accuracy.

6 Tips to Improve Data Entry Accuracy

How to Improve Data Entry Productivity and Accuracy

1) Check the Sources of Inaccuracies

In order to improve the data entry accuracy, the first thing that you need to do is check out which are those sources providing inaccurate data. Whether the source of data is internal or external, you need to identify where the inaccurate data is coming from. Data inaccuracy can occur at any level like by entering the incorrect values (mistake by the data entry operator), sharing of data from one system to another etc. If the main cause of the data accuracy is identified then fixing it will be easier for the Business organizations.

2) Usage of Software Tools

If the Businesses use software tools like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) then there will be no data inaccuracy at all. These tools automatically read and extract the data leaving no chance for any accuracy. This means no manually typing which automatically means less typing errors and less data inaccuracy.

3) Balance it Both, Speed and Accuracy

It’s obvious that data entry operators require to have specific typing speed in terms of achieving the preferred results within the given period of time by the employer but equalize between the speed and data accuracy is equally important. In order to maintain the speed, no data entry operator should ever forget the importance of the data accuracy.

4) No Overloading

Make sure that the data entry operators are not under any kind of pressure of achieving unrealistic targets. For manual work like data entry, there is a limit that a human being can do in a day, over loading of work would not be good as then there obviously will be more errors. 

5) Reviewing

If there is a team of reviewer in every business organization that always double check the entered data then the data inaccuracy can be reduced big time. By delegating a team of reviewers, any kind of inaccuracy can be traced at a very low level only and thus any kind of nuisance at the higher level can be avoided.

6) Automated Error Reports

If there are software that can help you big time in maintaining data accuracy then why not utilize them wisely??.  The automated error report tool is one such tool. Like say if you have a big data of customers mobile numbers that is one 10 digits, if any of the data is entered inaccurately and there are only 9 numbers against any name then it will give you an alert by pointing the mistake.

Data entry in itself is a very crucial task for Businesses to perform. Hence, the best way to maintain the data accuracy in the most efficient way is by outsourcing data entry work to a Data entry company.

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