How to improve the transaction?

Knowing your customer and awarding them about your presence solely depend on the transactional queries. What I have seen, specifically in the small business unit, they intent to sale in the local area, but there website are not optimized according to the criteria. The problem could be solved by providing accurate specification about your business types as some keywords have varied meaning often associated with the popular taste, trend, and product.

So the question arise how the small retailer, who is not a manufacturer and running a small online store can attract the bunch of buyer. The problem could be solved just by taking a few essential steps rather than buying a PPC is listed below:-

  • Searching the latest trends and associating product names with them
  • Submitting the KML Sitemap (to show your Local presence and setting coordinates on Google maps)
  • Inserting video about Usage on Product page
  • Inserting local address on every page.
  • Using GEO location with product name.
  • Using H-Card format on the contact us page with informative video.
  • Submitting to local directories.

Last not as SEO strategy, but of your own, make some seasonal offer or give complementary gifts on required occasion.

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