An Introduction to OCR Cleanup Process

OCR Cleanup process is an absolutely necessary process for those firm who engage themselves in converting there hard copies to digital format. OCR Cleanup services or proofreading is carried out manually for the correction of errors done by OCR Software.

One can use OCR Imaging Services to convert paper catalog in digital format; leading to the instant access to the information or for the purpose of demonstration of your services / products etc.

Professionals in order to handle the task uses flatbed scanner for sensitive and feeble documents, handling client’s crucial data efficiently and intelligently.  It also been noticed that they are using automatic documents feeders to give high resolution to the images and convert them to required file format, what ever the client is asking for his / her management systems.

Who actually seek such services?

One who want to access information on click? Such kind of people is outnumbered like Doctor’s who want to view the case studies of there patients, Scientists who want to Stumble onto an old research work, Market Researcher’s who want to check the account analysis of previous year or want to make a cross examination and more. Such services are must for academic environment

OCR Cleanup process

  • Scanning of the Catalog, Books etc
  • Extracting images.
  • Proofreading the text with sole purpose to identify the errors.
  • Check out for accuracy.

What does Client ask for?

  • They ask for in-depth business expertise and assurance for deadlines.
  • Knowledge of Standard format often used in profession, as sometimes clients are so innocent that they are not aware of such things. So it’s a primary duty of the vendor to give them appropriate direction.

Types of Services

  • OCR Cleanup
  • Conversion of Hard copy to Digital Documents
  • Scanning for Document Management Systems
  • Cataloging and Publishing in order to advertise them publicly.
  • Picture Scanning and Indexing
  • E-Book Conversion
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