How Live Chat Support Can Helps Increase Customer Base?


What is live chat?

A live chat option is available on most websites these days. It is an option through which a customer can contact the company in a direct manner with the questions they have related to the products or services. This live chat is nothing but code that allows a representative or a chat bot to talk to the customer regarding the issues that they may have. If the live chat integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) software the representative controlling the live chat saves the transcript of the live chat for customer experience record. The representatives are generally from the sales, marketing and customer support staff.

The live chat option can help is gaining much needed customer interaction leading to a higher potential customer base. The option of helping visitors with their queries gives an opening to introduce a product or service that may help in converting the visitor into a potential customer. Other benefits of live chat exist that can explored below.

Benefits of live chat

  1. Live chat as a marketing tool can help produce higher customer sales conversions by pushing the sales on to the customer during a conversation. Live chat can help visitors along the sales funnel for a better conversion rate. This tactic when applied can get additional customers by suggesting offers to them through the convenient method of direct messaging. An approach like this helps in getting potential customers and getting a better reach on your customer base. 
  2. Live chat as compared to phone calls save time and have a quicker response time. Unlike phone calls, where you would have to navigate through menus leading to extra options, live chat gives you the option of asking your question and getting the response at the same time. In addition, the phone call where the asked question alone needs answering, with live chat you could introduce products after having solved the customers issue leading to a potential purchase. Live chat as compared to phone calls has a higher customer conversion rate.
  3. Similar to emails, live chat uses the professional tones that a customer appreciates and spin them into a much faster paced customer support. Because of this the customer satisfaction is higher and can move along with their site visit. Emails moreover help in getting potential customers through offers sent via emails, but this process speeds up with live chat. In live chat the offers given are available at a moment’s notice.
  4. Translations are another benefit that avails itself with live chat. If the first language spoken isn’t English, live chat integrates with translation software capable to aid customers. This option promotes the business as a better worldwide business as you consider the option of language barrier. With the language barrier in consideration the customer can select services and products in their language for a better convenient conversation and a possible bigger customer base. 
  5. Complex topics like customer relation service are an option with the tools available in live chat. Topics that would require phone calls to answer can today resolve with live chat to reduce the load on the customer service department. After having answered such complex topics the live chat tool can provide services and products to the consumer. This tool helps in increasing the customer base.


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