Mercy of the search engines

In my previous article I asserted search engine in metaphorically as “Dad of the websites” and we are we are on the mercy of the search engines especially the Google, a little update in the Google Algorithm. It is like a bombshell in the existing working protocol and it always create sensation, professional desperately waiting for the update since its announcement. It is obvious to say as we are heavily dependent on the Google, like outsourcer and outsourced relationship, continuing with a mutual links between the various countries economies.

If the question arises how is the search engine responsible for this? I would like to assert that “not in the direct way”. With the well establish outsourcing strategy people are using it as a tactic for their cost-cutting, so the person who actually doing business single-handedly and often find business troublesome in many cases, prefer to outsource some of his non-core activities. To whom he/she can’t afford an employee at domestic level with limited capital. But with the same piece of capital can be he can create a back office in third world. What if search engines target only country specific site, tracking there IP address and display only the local listing of a state.  So search engine are acting as a bridge and we are dependent.

Well regarding the “Economic”, I would like to leave it, let others take burden on this.  What our concern, we are essentially dependent or we are internet “junkies” searching for our requirement or even when we meet some problem and feel troublesome to solve it, the answer it “Put this on Google and search”. WWW had expanded himself in last two decades; this is because each individual for his need and business wants a space on internet. They want their presence because it is only a internet to which you have spent a little for being a popular personality or product rather than other marketing strategy.

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