Mistakes to Be Avoided During Amazon Product Listing

Selling on Amazon is not an easy process and will undoubtedly mess up from time to time. But you can reduce the common Amazon product listing blunders you make and streamline your procedure as much as you possibly can.



Not Configuring Keywords that are Specific to Amazon

Google is the most famous web search engine and often people think that what works there will work in all places. However, that is not the case, as Amazon utilizes their unique algorithm with regards to searches. All you have to do is find out unique keywords relevant to your products and use them just once.

Factual Error in Quantities and Prices

There are some fundamental parts that should not require additional queries. Cost is one of them. And the same applies to quantities.

Taking Too Long to Answer Queries

In the event that purchasers are sending an inquiry on your page, this is because they have narrowed down their search list that includes your product. As a result, if you take over a day to reply to their inquiries, will you get reprimanded by Amazon, as well as your customer will lose their interest in your product— and you will lose a deal.

Including Coupons in Product Titles

Coupons and Sales are amazing things, and they are unquestionably extraordinary techniques in persuading customers to buy your product. Nonetheless, there is a place and a time to utilize them and the item title is not one of them.

Not Being Aware What Sets Your Product Apart

You are selling different products— amazing, so are a lot of other Amazon sellers. To set your product apart, you have to highlight all the perks that you are offering with your product, like a lower price, free shipping, fast shipping, Prime-eligible, and a lot more. If you cannot point out at least 3 to 4 ways you are better than your competitors, then you are not prepared to persuade and sell to your purchasers.

Not Writing Unique Titles

There are thousands of sellers on Amazon; hence, chances are that you are selling items that are pretty similar to others.  Let’s take sunglasses for example, which is sold commonly on Amazon marketplace. So, it is important for you to keep the title unique and interesting.

Using Photos From Others That Do Not Belong To You

Utilize your own watermarked or copyrighted pictures to go with your item description. It is not so hard to click your own particular photographs and thusly, you’ll be remaining in Amazon’s good book and demonstrating purchasers you’re a genuinely proficient merchant.


Keep in mind, even the vendors that have made the most number of sales and highest positions in the Amazon marketplace forget sometimes, and in case you’re an amateur, the circumstance is considerably more complicated. Keep these common mistakes in mind to diminish the damage they can make to your business, and do whatever you can to avoid them.

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