Must Have Skills in a Data Entry Executive

One of the most important roles in every organization is data management and hence the person who does the job must have certain skills. As the job of data entry executive is very monotonous, time-consuming and tedious, thus only someone having a great level of patience can handle such work. Few must have qualities of a data entry executive is great concentration power and good typing speed. In many organizations, the candidate has to go through various entrance exams before finally getting the job of a data entry executive. For every company, it is very important to have skilled data entry executives as they perform a very crucial task and any mistake at this level can lead huge loss to businesses. It’s always a good option to outsource data entry work to a reputed company as they have highly skilled data entry clerks who can perform your task with great efficiency. Here we have listed some must have skills in a data entry executive:

Must Have Skills in a Data Entry Executive

Good Typing Speed

Since data entry executives have to perform high volume work every time, hence it’s very important that they have a very good typing speed. Usually, employers should hire data entry employees who have the typing speed of 38 to 40 words per minute.

Typing Skills

If you think that typing skills are restricted just to the typing speed then you are wrong. Along with typing speed, it’s also necessary that there are no spelling errors while typing. The data entry executive should be able to copy the exact information from the papers including all the punctuation marks and accurate spellings.

Basic Computer Knowledge

The data entry executive should be familiar with the basic data entry software such as spreadsheets, word files, database etc. They also have to enter data like codes, statics etc and hence they should have knowledge about how to use keyboard, numeric keys, few basic excel formulas, mouse, printer, and scanner. 

If you are thinking of hiring a data entry provider then apart from the above skills below are the few things that should also be considered:

  • Make sure that you have secured your business data properly before hiring any data entry clerk so that your data can’t be exploited. Also, make sure to check the previous employer record of the employee before hiring.
  • If you are outsourcing data entry work to any company then make sure to see that whether they are following regular audit policy for checking the accuracy or not.
  • Make sure to use automation software wherever it can be used as it will reduce the burden of data entry executive and they will be able to perform their work with more concentration and patience.
  • Don’t just get lured by the low salary data entry executives because the cost is second thing, the accuracy, and quality matter the most. To make it affordable as well as high quality, the best thing to do is outsource data entry work to a trusted company who have a very good track record in data entry management.

Above are few skills that you must keep in mind before hiring a data entry clerk.

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