A Must Read Guide Before You Outsource Work to India

Outsourcing is the operation of allotting specific business task(s) of an organization to an external agency in order to enrich service standard, introducing creativity and lower the cost. And outsourcing to India can give these advantages an extra edge, if done properly. Despite these benefits it also has some risks and drawbacks. And any company planning to outsource their work to India, must go through the advantages, disadvantages, problems and tips before starting. They should know why they are outsourcing and how to actually outsource. They need to follow some important instruction in order to make an Indian outsourcing agency their partner.

This post will act as a compete guide for outsourcing work to India.

Most Popular Outsourced Services
There are countless services which are outsourced to India. Some of the popular ones are:

  • IT Outsourcing: Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Software etc.
  • Customer Support: Live Chat, Email Answering, Virtual Assistance etc.
  • Data Management: Data Entry, Form Processing, Data Mining etc.
  • Ecommerce Management: Product Entry, Catalog Processing etc.
  • Accounting Services: Payroll Processing, Bank Reconciliation etc.

Pros & Cons of Outsourcing to India
Before discussing about the instructions, lets get to know some advantages and disadvantages of Indian outsourcing.


  • Focus on core functions: By outsourcing non-core tasks to some good Indian outsourcing firm, you can put the main focus on the core functions of your business in order to grow it vertically.
  • Lower cost: Cost saving is one of the most attractive advantage of outsourcing services to India. One can find lower process cost and affordable man power in India without affecting the quality.
  • Access to advanced technology: Companies can access latest technologies by outsourcing their work to a BPO agency, as your non-core work is what they do as main business. This is the reason they will be working on latest technology trends.
  • Work timing variation: If you outsource your services to India, then there will variation in work timings. And due to this you will find your work done every morning and you will be able to work on your main business.
  • Increased productivity: Outsourcing services directly means increasing productivity. This is one of the vital benefits.
  • Better management: Outsourcing will help you manage your main business easily and effectively. Also the non-core tasks will also be managed efficiently by the outsourcing company.


  • Security risk: There is a risk of losing important data as well as confidentiality loss of business’ vital information.
  • Lack of control: It’s become difficult to control the services that you outsource offshore.
  • Hidden costs: If the outsourcing terms, conditions and privacy policies are not transparently defined, in that case companies may face problems like hidden costs and legal problems.
  • Quality issue: If your outsourcing partner does work on proper processes or doesn’t have much experience, in that case quality problems may arise.
  • Culture & Communication Differences: Another problem that arise while outsourcing to India, is the culture and communication gap that western companies face.
  • Complete dependency is harmful: Any organization will become completely dependent on its Indian outsourcing agency if it includes some vital functions. Chances of financial loss may increase if there are delays in completing projects.

Why Outsource to India
Now, after knowing about various merits & demerits of Indian outsourcing, lets discuss some reasons why India is one of the favorite destinations for those organizations looking to outsource their projects. 

  • India is one of the biggest resources of technical experts & professionals
    In India, more than 3.1 million students are graduating per year. India has got largest English speaking population across the world. And hence India has become one of the top countries having great number of technical experts and other professionals. This is the reason, companies choose India when it comes to outsourcing.
  • Support from stable Indian government
    Indian government has drafted outsourcing policies with maximum benefits. It has also enhanced Information Technology Act. All this is providing more opportunities to those looking for outsourcing to India.
  • Time zone advantage
    As the Indian time zone is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT, companies can take extra benefits of it. They can manage to get more work done and hence keep their customers happy.
  • Flexible Pricing
    By outsourcing their services to India, companies can do effective cost saving. This is mainly because of the wide gap of cost and expenditure between India and developed countries. This is one of the most attractive reason that many companies consider India as the favorite destination.
  • Quality
    Everyone’s foremost requirement is quality. All other advantages become weaker, when it comes to quality. And India is a place where quality matters a lot. Indian outsourcing firms possesses latest technologies, software and procedures to provide world class quality. 

How to Outsource to India
Now its time to let you know about various steps, tips and suggestions while outsourcing business services to any Indian agency. Following these you can get the most advantages and ignore the disadvantages. Following are the steps should be involved for a successful outsourcing to India.

  • Identify your outsourcing needs: This is a foremost and obvious step. Consider your goals, analyze what you can do yourself and what needs to be outsourced, identify the benefits you can foresee and other detailed factors. After having thorough study you can decide what services you need to outsource.
  • Choosing the right outsourcing agency: Spend some time while choosing the Indian outsourcing partner for your company. Make a list of good agencies. Analyze their experiences, past works, search out their reviews, see if they can be able to meet your requirements, talk to them, get to know their work standards, their technology etc. And choose the one which suits you and your business best.
  • Check out methods of communication: Any Indian agency works offshore and you need some good and easy tools in order to regularly communicate with them. There are various web conferencing tools available you can choose from. A few of the popular ones are GoToMeeting and Webex. You can share screens and work together. Skype is also one of the well known tools.
  • Experiment with small: Never outsource all your projects right away. First, you need to review your selected outsourcing agency by assigning a simple project. Doing this can reduce chances of your risks. Also, this will help developing and improving relationship with your India partner.
  • Keep managing and reviewing status: Outsourcing does not mean you are no longer responsible for the successful completion of the project. You need to keep managing and reviewing the work which your partner is doing. You have to manage that as you do with your own staff. They also require your guidance in order to complete the task according to your expectations.

Now, if you have read the blog post completely, we assure you that you are more steps ahead of where you were standing on the way of successful Indian outsourcing. We wish you a happy and successful outsourcing. Get to know about our outsourcing solutions. We too are among the top-grade Indian outsourcing companies.

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