Outsourcing Different Types of Data Processing Services

Outsourcing the data processing services has become a popular practice today. Instead of setting up the team and establishing an infrastructure for such services, the job can be outsourced to the experts. The reputed outsource companies not only provide the timely services but they also do the job accurately. Data entry is required by a variety of companies and industries is highly required. The outsourcing team is usually capable of high data volume as they have experienced and expert employees. Outsourcing the different types of data entry services allows the companies to pay more attention to their core processes.

The companies that handle your data entry services use the modern programs and technologies. This is the reason why they are able to mitigate errors and also have the faster turnaround time.

Outsourcing Data Entry Jobs to India

Here Are Some Types Of Data Processing Services

These types of data entry services are taken care of by the outsourced companies:

  • Entering the data to the web-based systems from the product catalogs is a major and most important part of data processing services.
  • Converting any hard or soft data into the database format, for reviewing it easily.
  • Entry for the insurance claims in order to fast verification of claims and make right payments.
  • Indexing of the PDF documents as to improve workflows and productivity of the company
  • Capturing of the advanced and efficient online data entry services
  • Taking data from images and converting it into the text to make it easy to read.
  • Order entry from an online platform and the follow-up
  • Updating the existing database and creating the new ones for various industries including aviation, financial, and service industries
  • Tools, services, and support related to indexed documents that are web-based
  • Creating the mailing list for the clients for a professional approach towards the work
  • Cleaning of the data and update according to the business current status.
  • Entry for the documents pertaining to legal departments
  • Document and voucher indexing to update the database of the company
  • Digital entry of the cards and ballots written in the hand
  • Completing the responses and surveys of the customers according to the data entry done in different companies
  • Capturing the data from internet publications such as e-magazines and e-books
  • Entering the data from the patient notes, hospital records, and the accident reports
  • Indexing of the business cards and making a database
  • Exporting and import interfaces for the custom data along with the audits
  • Types of Data entry services related to the municipal records, birth records, legal documents, and town records


The Process Different Types of Data Processing Services

Here is the overview of the general data entry process followed by the outsourcing companies:

  • The documents that need to be processed are usually in the image form. They are first scanned and then uploaded to the online server. The uploading is done using a secure FTP to ensure safety.
  • The employees of the outsourcing companies usually download the files or use VPN for access.
  • The document indexing is done so that it can be easily sorted. It is then moved to the work folders so that it can be easily allocated.
  • The data entry is done using the application provided by the client to the outsourcing company based on their needs. The data can also be updated on the spreadsheets.
  • The data is first quality checked before it is delivered to the client.
  • The errors are minimized through quality control.
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