Over View of Form Processing

Forms processing is a course of preparing formal information with data fields and attributes which is transformed in electronic format which can be used for future analysis and cross examination statistics.

This data can be of any type example marketing, surveys for public opinion, insurance claims, medical claims etc.  Well Contemporary era is based on technology and computing. Now day’s paper no longer widely used in firms or corporation as they are insist in using online services to prevent paper work all the data and information is kept on intranet and internet.

Information on a hard copy is of little use. I have seen tones of Record decaying; in today’s life every organizations needs digital data instead of hard papers so in this process every organization need to scan the existing data so that they can easily check any details or other analysis in just a click.

It becomes headaches to find a particular record in a bulk of papers, truly I have seen and noticed in government organization all the data is kept as hard copy and in process of verification of Dispatched letter or mail, each time dealing hand need file or case study for examination.  This problem will continue until it is converted into an electronic format and acted upon.

As concern to data we are all aware that Data is a back bone of any Govt. / Non Govt. Organizations. The information contained in the records or database act as an organized analysis, accelerate your process in easy access to achieve the goals.

Well, taking other side, No matter how much we try to become paperless, we may keep most of the data as a soft copy, do most of the surveys online but still there are lots of things where the paper work is required.  This is because of computer illiteracy or some other bounded-ness; people cannot participate in every public event.  So in order to get public opinion Govt. / Non Govt. firm’s use do surveys and in these surveys they use itemized form and extract the required opinion of masses.

Then what, even if paper is required this data, that is taken on paper whether in the form of Survey Forms, Medical Data etc. is of no use unless it is converted into soft copy for future prospect.  All this can be done with proper management services.

Form processing formats depends upon the norms or policies of particular Firm and subjected to matter and requirement.  Sometimes they are in hand written form, sometimes in prescribed format. Although maximum attributes are same, Types of Form processing services, which are seen by me and experienced, are given below for your information. Following are the applications of Form processing

  • Claims / Lawsuits Processing
  • Orders / Requirement Processing
  • Subscriptions / Payments Processing
  • Product Registrations / Enrollment Processing
  • Credit / Debit Card Applications
  • Questionnaire / Poll Rating Processing
  • Mortgage / Financial Services Processing
  • Warranty / Guarantee Cards Processing
  • Rental / Lease Deeds Agreement Forms Processing
  • Reservation / Contact Forms Processing
  • Coupon / Discount Form Processing
  • Travel Survey Processing
  • Market Research Form Processing
  • Membership / Registration Forms Processing

Advantages of Form processing service:

  • Improvement in query answering.
  • Easily supervise huge sum of info.
  • Enable perfect approach on information with single click.
  • Easily Generate Performance report
  • Save hard copy from deteriorating

Mostly Forms are transmitted Via Internet or loaded on FTP Server of vendor sites in the form of Scanned images or PDF. Some times client sends the hard copies of form via courier. In this process Vendor can use customized software, or do manually in order to create a database as desired by the Customer.

All the above suggested services are the variants of Form Processing used in business services, Marketing, finance or other Govt. / Non Govt. Firms, each of them have different framework and standards, but the conclusion is same.  All these can be successful only with proper management or other way is to outsource your form processing work to such, who actually involved in such services as his core business.

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