Practice of Keyword Stuffing

Keywords mean key phrases entered by the user to extract information from the search engine.  In Social sense these keywords are a form of quilt to which we want to peruse to get through our search.  So knowing what their customer desires for, with close analysis to their requirement and problem,  webmaster’s unnecessarily make keyword stuffing in page content and it is not certain to say it is the biggest blunder.

In smarty process, what I have noticed some of guy’s unnecessarily repeats their main keywords on the page, in process Google make a crawl and list them, “its ok with first crawl”. Webmaster notes the crawling date and after couple of days, he again go through with some nice piece of content for update and such course goes vice-versa. I want to stress that such keyword spamming and its manipulation is taken very seriously.

What I have formally with such site, are not developed according to the psychology of the customer, by keyword stuffing they think they are targeting the information and transactional approach. Instead what can be done best to make variation in keywords with two or three keyword phrases, the thing to remember is “it should sound with innateness”, something which suits the searcher requirement with this it seems which are quit helpful in construction of search query to the customer.

I again assert, keywords are important in the field of internet marketing and ecommerce, because they let to value and destination for reaching the target customer, helping in turning customer, makes a website page to earn better sales conversion, diverting valuable traffic with search engines, skipping keywords means you are not serious about your sales but all this should be done in natural manner rather than haphazardly way of cramming in text as Google concentrate on the importance of the relevant content are they closely connected to page title, Google is paying a lot more attention to spam.  The aim should be to furnish secondary support to your primary services.

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