Preplanning before the blog post

Content is always been a valuable asset contribute site and from here people understand what you are going to offer them with your service page. As I titled preplanning before your post, it’s like a TV Show which rehearsals and prepared for video in serial ways or say episodic in nature before telecast.

Same theme can be applied while updating the content on the website blog. Usually firms, build a team to furnish such task, some smarts one asks there customer’s to contribute by assigning some authority to them.  Well if you want to create at your own or with your team whole group should have to be imaginative, creative and expressive in pursuing. To handle this process, your team can checkout possible area of problem, which needs solution or if they, you can explain some other shortcuts or other possible ways.

It makes one feel “Hey guys you can solve this problem like this or that, it will save your time, we have done this” etc. All this specifically depend on your service and type of site.

Well maximum SEO proponents talks about podcast, user generate content (UGC) etc, all these need a infrastructure and expenditure, which is quiet difficult of undersize bourgeois, who is earning by self reliance and works single handedly and run a website quiet smaller have less than fifty and want to generate content. The problem is that they can’t afford a team, what he / she can do is one self.  If this is the problem, then guy don’t hesitate on such. I can give you some good examples, where you can hang on for your service

Generally business receives online or manual feed-backs, make an insight of such details, generalize them according the problem, prepare a blog post for negative feed-backs and show who you can solve their problems.

Secondly all business receive, some short of sample projects, clients often ask them to do your can explain such samples one can prepare a tutorial with images.

We think all this could be done, if one “Wills “for it rather than “Wishing” to prepare it, all such material  are not always a technical stuff or hypothesis that we need a expert for them. By proper pre-planning you can not only create valuable content, but also gets the roots of your services.

When you got enough content, it would be obvious that you will not post all them in a single day, so publish them in chunks, in meantime you get enough time to prepare yourself with other beneficial work.

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