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With advent of online organizing tools or say online software, it makes the boom of professional dairies and not certain to assert that “they are popular too”. These are sort of personal experience or the sort of personal entries but in quiet different stock. So more and more professionals; coming out from different section of industry to share their point of view on certain topic, policy and debate. These dairies could be of industrialist, journalist or from celebrity. It is sort of glimpse of professional life and sharing of views. What makes check debates on core issues? It could be a debate on specific topic or debate of social issues, policy, bill and expressing shared experience to the readers.

Sometimes, people are maniac, to know more on specific topic, so they check expert opinions “what they saying” for example if we have specific interest in SEO field, we will definitely check out Matt Cutts Blog and check what he says about Google. The cool thing about these blogs is that “you will watch number of comments, it may be in dozen covering almost insight to the niche”. You will find frequent references, which is good stuff to acknowledge problem area.

So many professionals are maintaining it, if their employer allows them to do so. Well these types of blog encourage people to do better, whether its life, yoga, profession or learning thought experts. It’s a sort of edification and maintaining such blog gives wide readership and fame to blogger.

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