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Today internet is connecting people and offering new raised methods of trading thought websites globally to the N numbers of shoppers. What I have noticed on internet; website owner whether they belong to the small business or involved in big firm are putting incomplete product details, there products lacking age criteria, specific weight, color and other description etc. They are running online store but still due to incomplete description / details causing minimal time for potential customers and they are seeking some other party.

As concern to website; it needs an assistance of highly skilled professionals for successful impression on clients or Visitors as website is a mirror which actually reflects the potential value of assistance serviced by any organization.

It will not be certain to say that each visitor have a good outlook towards your services. So trying to woo a maximum visits on the website doesn’t mean you will get an opportunity in business. It is normal to have a desire of getting maximum visits but quality visits cannot be ignored.

I have worked on online stores and it usually happens that clients often ask us to use certain keywords “related to some products or items” but pages lacks product title, description, images etc. This let to untargeted visits and once a client is dissatisfied, he/she will never return on the site. So what you are offering should be full flashed with each and every detail. This is why and very crucial to provide maximum details so that visitors received sufficient and actual information about product and in this way organization will not loose its valuable customers.

eDataIndia can assist you in to sort out all above steps and help you in increasing sales by providing catalog processing services for an online stores/e-commerce websites and we have a vast experience in converting manufacturers’ paper catalog to web and creating online catalog. We can easily add products on the store/database from paper catalog, scanned images, manufacturer websites or from other source.

As concern to work experience, product data entries on eCommerce stores are always be a time consuming process as it require lots of step. Starting from the search of UPC number, pasting an appropriate image, if image does emerge clean ; one have to clean the image in Photoshop or other suitable software , writing or pasting the suitable title and description of product and then uploading them, sometimes customer demands to design a web page, all these tasks are time consuming. The solution lies in outsourcing this process, by this you can save huge time and concentrate on the core business whether the organization is of small or big scale; every owner wants to utilize there man power. By outsourcing online product entry or catalog processing work to the outsourcing company could be very helpful in terms of saving money and time. It will be not certain that every owner have to save money for further investments. Third world countries are engaged in this outsourcing process due to currency rate.

Most important part for an eCommerce stores is advertising and presentation and images form a significant role in the presentation. Good images can catch the attention of any customer because customer can’t touch the products like they see it on a store/shop so online store should have good images. Second important part is prices and categories, if any store having wrong price they force to sell their price on that cost so it is very important to enter the correct price on stores and update them time to time whenever the manufacturer increase the prices. Categories also play a significant role on an online store and every product should have categorized in correct category.

I am confident that if any business owner wants to see the quality work and to increase their sales will definitely pursue such firm because key lies in ensuring that visitor are targeted prospects.

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